What is your favorite Robin version?

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Mine would be:

Teen Titans FTW

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BTAS robin. best one.

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I would actually have to say both Young Justice versions.

As far as Dick Grayson goes:

In BTAS he was always a bit more on the serious side, but granted this was showing him in the almost transition to Nightwing.

Teen Titans I feel like he was even more serious and they just couldn't decide which Robin he was so they gave him awesome qualities of all of them and named him Dick.

But in Young Justice, thats when you see him have his youthful innocence, and you really see his Batman influence on him but also see him as a WAY different character.

And with Tim Drake there is still a lot of potential!

#4 Posted by r3d_rob1n (541 posts) - - Show Bio

Young Justice Robin. Especially now that he has transitioned into Nightwing. I liked the representation in BTAS, but I always prefer when Nightwing and Batman get along rather than the constant teenage angst from Nightwing.

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This one...

#6 Posted by BlackPookie (624 posts) - - Show Bio


all the versions with TIm Drake in it,,,

#7 Posted by SupBatz (1847 posts) - - Show Bio

TAS Dick Grayson Robin. Followed by Young Justice Dick Grayson.

Not a bit fan of Teen Titans Robin. TAS Tim Drake is just ok. And Young Justice Tim Drake hasn't really been highlighted yet.

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