what is the jokers real name

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i heard him called jack the ripper is there any others.

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Joseph Kerr. I think.

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Never been confirmed there are so many different back stories for the character there is't any proof any are real. Also in one story it had a pre disfigured Joker getting called Jack nothing more that is all I know on the name. I just like to think of the character as an Enigma (just not as much as Riddler is)

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He had a name in the 1989 Batman movie, pretty sure it was Jack Napier.

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yeah it was jack napier why cant dc just make a story line and not differnt worlds and shit dc be so much better.
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1. Joe Kerr (pretty stupid in my opinion)

2. Jack Napier

3. Jack (had another last name besides Napier but I forgot)

It was also mention that it is possible all of his origin stories are just made up and no one knows.

I think it's better as a mystery. It has an allure to it that makes the character more interesting than he already is. Similar to Sabortooth.

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@moneyshotz: He's been called SO many things.

In one awful story he was called Jasper and was apparently a circus clown at one point. And yes, this was canon, but it was very, very quickly retconned.

(I believe this was in Hush Returns)

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Lol Jasper....

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it makes the charecter more interesting since no one is sure of his backstory. even though it would be cool to hae his backstory revealed one day

#10 Posted by joshmightbe (25858 posts) - - Show Bio

Does he really need one?

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His name is Jack, no last name given.

Joseph Kerr is an alias given by Joker when he is trying to hide something but not really.

Jack Napier was made up for the movie

Jasper is a made up back story within the canon that Joker was messing with someone with.


Jack is given by joker in several back stories, given in several origin stories not told by jack, and referred to Jack within stories that are known to be canon. We also know that Joker keeps in contact with some of his family. His cousin, I believe it was, is the one that created his joker toxin so that's a possible clue.

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Jack, yeah i remember ive read that in Legends of the dark knight

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they need to reveal a name for him like tell his story that way people can see the world through the jokers eyes i think he has a right to hate the world he did after all end up in the chemical accident cause of batman created the joker thats what i like about batman joker makes all these mistakes and they haunt him.
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Batman Bin Suparman.

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The Killing Joke by Alan Moore has an interesting version of the Joker's backstory.

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In the movie and cartoon he is Jack Napier, in TKJ is is Jack, Joe Kerr is an alias, as is Jack White. Mainstream Joker has no known full name, but it's strongly assumed he is Jack Something.

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Thats his mystery....his name is not official...du du duuuuuum

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Joker's real name has been unrevealed in the comics...

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His name is Robert Paulson

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@Saucedo17 said:

His name is Robert Paulson

In death...a member of project mayhem, has a name....

But seriously, for me If joker had a real name, it would be Jack Napier . However, I just kinda like to think Joker was always Joker. Whoever he was before the chemicals and acid bleached his skin and mind doesn't really matter.

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true but not true maybe alot lead to joker being the way he is and well i wanna read a book on it.
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I really don't want Joker's name to be revealed, nor too much of his backstory. It just makes him cooler in my own opinion.

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Geeze NEWBS it's Aleen Greenway.

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DC encyc. says unknown..... real helpful......

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Its unknown.

Just like his origin it should be multiple choice.

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