What if Batman was ALWAYS a meta-human? Are no-powers important?

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What if Bruce Wayne turned out to be meta-human all along?  Many of his feats are essentially meta-human, but as a matter of theme the creators never dared say it.  Batman can survive an extremely campy TV character, a bad string of movies, and even multiple prolonged absences... could Batman survive being super-powered? 
Let's say that upon Bruce's return they do a work up so extensive on Wayne and, in the interim of his absence, someone cracked how a particular meta-gene manifests and Bruce is found to have that gene and its manifestation which is minor and story consistent, but nonetheless a meta-power.  For example, enhanced probability field, increased baseline durability or endurance, enhanced intelligence or problem-solving, etc. 
We already accept a certain level of eugenic perfection and genetic destiny for heroes... if Batman's genes dictated that he was 4'8" or a condition like asthma or uncorrectable near-sightedness we'd struggle to believe in his accomplishments... but would declaring an outright meta-gene break his character?  Does it matter if Batman has powers at the genetic level particularly when his current genetic perfection is no less earned or willed than a meta-gene? 
Finally, what, if anything distinguishes technological powers (or gadgets) from genetic gifts in your mind? [Consider the many powers provided by the Road Home suit]

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I don't think it would ruin him as a character...but I think he would be much less interesting, unique, and overall much less compelling. I think Bruce Timm said it on one of the commentaries on the Arkham Asylum game best: "Because he's a man, he's every man."
Bruce Wayne essentially has superpowers compared to a real person, but I think what makes him so intriguing is the idea that he only has them through sheer force of will. If anything I think his determination is really his superpower and everything else is derived from that

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aint broke dont fix & what he said ^^

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It will make him, less interestingm but still an awesome character

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well i agree with   sydpart2 what makes the batman great is the fact that is a human, he can be killed with a simple gunshoot but you still see him fgthing alongside superman!!!

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I think Batman's attraction is that even though he's the smartest most tactical man in any room, he's the underdog. Being a meta takes that out.

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And every once in a while kicking his a$$.
Batman being any part meta-human just makes him completely uninteresting. He's more competent than any character in DC, or comics as a whole, and his power comes from, like Sydpart2 said, is his determination and mind.
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Do you also go by the screen name "Wrath 2.0" on another site? I remember someone by that anme trying to convince everyone he had superpowers from a storyline in Confidential where he drank a potion to give him his own kind of "Super solider serum" And he could become invisible to explain his disappearing act. it was ridiculous.

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Probably an across-the-board enhancement, such as that of Vargas, the self-proclaimed "true" Homo Superior, of Marvel Comics. But I'm not answering the question, I'm cheating.

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@Mainline: yes considering batman with powers just would not be batman. it takes away from  that "wow" factor he has when he pulls off something tough using only his skills.

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