What If Batman learns Engineering Instead of Criminal Psychology.

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After His parents death, the young Bruce decided to pursue his studies in Engineering( electronics and Mechanical ) in order to create a better and safer weapon to replace Gun.

All Die-Hard Fans, PUTONyourTHinkingCap

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He will build something that makes the Ironman suit like an Antique!!! will he?

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A safer gun? You mean a stun gun? Or a gun with rubber bullets?

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I was going to say he would become Iron Man, but Jon Smith said it better:

@JonSmith said:

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My guess he would make robot that resembles Astro Boy to be a Robin. He would also have robot dog like dynno mutt

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He did study engineering, and he used the knowledge to create non-lethal weaponry and gadgets so he could fight crime.

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He wouldnt be as cool

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one would think Batman knew it all anyway

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I was thinking a darker version of Iron Man too. I guess he would use more armour, non-lethal weapons, vehicles etc.

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@JonSmith said:

Best looking Iron Bat I've seen

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He could make the gadgets and have Harold be the psychologist

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@Eternal19 said:

He wouldnt be as cool

Agree. but since he will use more tech based weapons, we expect to see a total different style of him

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Then Batman would be an engineer...

If he had the same amount of training then he'd be Iron man level.

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