What does batman have in his utility belt?

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what weapons/equipment/gadgets do you think he carries? furthermore.. what do you think nightwing carries?

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I figured there are some extra pockets for situation/investigation type stuff. Scroll down to contents.


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The answer would be too long to type out. The better question to ask would be, "What DOESN'T Batman have in his utility belt?' ;)

But in all seriousness, he carries a variety of equipment and gadgets as shown in the comics and movies. In more serious incarnations, he generally carries batarangs, smoke-bombs, bolas, and grappling guns. In more campy incarnations he carries Anti-Shark Spray and the Bat-Sword. It really depends on what the plot or situation calls for.

Nightwing probably carries his eskrima sticks, a staff, and maybe Wing-Dings (or are they called Birdarangs?). I believe he stores all of this in his gloves.

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Porn, loads and loads of porn.

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@Veshark said:

It really depends on what the plot or situation calls for.

agreed :)

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Shark Repellent.

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@JohnnyGat said:


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Condoms, chloroform, candy, perfume, a picture of his childhood sweetheart, a Roger Miller mix tape, super glue, 25 strips without colour, tape, 3 gag balls in 3 differant sizes, a homemade note book about the Townsends big-eared bat, fresh coffee grind and a bible.

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Whatever he needs to have in there.

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It has some thing to call bats too and has bolas and has different bata rangs from normal to remote controle to explosives to flash bangs to a lot of different elements depends whats his strategy in a battle.

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@JairamGanpat said:

Porn, loads and loads of porn.

You a...... know where I can get a belt like that.

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I was watching a video called Hi I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC: After Hours and Spider-man was asking Batman what was in his pockets. Had the usual batman equipment and and some meow mix for personal reasons. So yeah, his usual batman stuff and meow mix.

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Deus ex machina (x3)

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porn pictures of every dc woman so he can appreciate.

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