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#51 Posted by V_Scarlotte_Rose (6721 posts) - - Show Bio

@supbatz: Have you read Chase yet?

If not, I have a little bit of knowledge that may be a small prediction/spoiler relating to Batwoman #18 and the upcoming issues.

I think the shadowy person(who looks like a woman) at the end who calls Chase 'Cam' might be her sister Terry. I think she's the only character I've seen call her Cam.

If it is her, I'm not sure why she'd be turning up, but it'll be interesting to find out.

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Currently I want Snyder off and somebody who knows what to do with Batman to step in.

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@v_scarlotte_rose: I haven't read Chase yet but I'm going to start buying the series digitally soon. I'll be sure to let you know what I think (it's only 10 issues so I expect to read them soon) :P.

And that's a pretty sound theory. I'm glad you told me because I've been wondering about the woman Chase was talking to for the past two weeks lol. As of right now, I know nothing about Terry so I can't really speculate on that. But I expect that this arc is going to end with Kate leaving the DEO altogether. Pretty much declaring her independence from both Batman and the government.Speaking of which, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming conflict with Batman. And while I miss Williams' art, I think that the fill-in artist is really great as well. How did you like issue 18, Scarlotte?

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@supbatz: I'd probably recommend Batman #550 if it's available digitally, as that's Chases' first appearance.

Terry didn't have a big role in Chase, so I don't know what to expect to see from her. I imagine it'll be important in some way though, as they made her look quite mysterious. Due to the shadowy nature it's hard to tell exactly what I was seeing. I'm not sure if she was crossing the water, or somehow rising out of it, and she seemed to be possibly carrying something on her right shoulder. The small amount of colour seen through the shadows almost made her look like she was naked. I don't know what any of this means.

It's interesting that the solicit for #19 says, What is the shocking family revelation that can turn Batwoman's world upside down?, and on the cover, she's standing in water. The solicit may be trying to make us think that the shocking family revelation is Kate finding out that Alice is definitely alive, or that Bones is her brother, but I was thinking that it's more likely Alice will be revealed to her in #20. Maybe it's a shocking family revelation about Chases' family that will somehow turn Batwomans world upside down. When the full cover is revealed, we may get some more clues.

Leaving the DEO seems very possible, and being independent of Batman is something that she definitely should keep being.

J.H. Williams is my favourite comic book artist, so It is a shame to see him not drawing this, but I did like Trevor McCarthys art in this. I haven't looked at them both together, but his art here seems to be a lot better than in the issues he did before, from what I remember. It seems like the colourist may be different. I'll have to check.

Overall I liked the issue. It's established some interesting ideas to explore in the upcoming issues, and I look forward to reading them. I think this arc is seven issues, or maybe even eight, so there's plenty of time to explore everything I think.

#56 Posted by SupBatz (2038 posts) - - Show Bio

@v_scarlotte_rose: I'll keep that in mind, thank you.

When the figure was rising out of the water, I initially thought it was going to be Medusa's mother (being that she similarly wandered out of the water at the end of Batwoman 17). But the fact that Wonder Woman took her (Ceto was her name I believe) away to Paradise Island and that this new figure seemed so familiar with Chase discredits that idea. And the shadowy figure definitely had a female physique and something odd going on with her shoulder (not sure what that could possible be).

I'd buy that theory. I'm betting that Alice will appear in issue 20 (in the final pages) as well based on the solicits. Though how Chase's revelations will "turn Batwoman's world upside-down" still has me in the dark. Taking the timing of the mysterious woman's appearance into consideration, perhaps Chase is trying to use her as a means of controlling Batwoman more - being that she was a loose cannon in issue 18. How "Terry" will do this though, I have no idea.

I wouldn't mind the occassional team-up with Batman or his having her as someone he can call when he needs help with a big threat, but aside for that I agree that Batwoman is better off separate from the Bat-family.

It felt to me like McCarthy was trying to emulate Williams' art in issue 18. The page layouts were very elaborate and similar to how I'd expect Williams to approach them. That made me a lot more accepting of his work in Batwoman. I still miss Williams a lot but McCarthy is a welcome substitute.

There is definitely a lot established already. The only thing that concerns me is the lack of Alice appearing or being mentioned. I feel like her resurfacing deserves an arc on its own (so as to explore what led to her becoming Alice, the actual story of what happens when she resurfaces, and the future of the character in relation to Kate) and her having no role in the new arc's first issue is a tad unsettling. But I digress.

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@supbatz: If Terry somehow has powers now, maybe she will be useful for controlling Batwoman. Next month is "WTF Month", so maybe Terry will be brought in as the new version of an old villain or something.

It did look a bit more like J.H. Williams style than it did before. I can live with it for a few issues. :)

I thought Alice was mentioned. I thought she was the "party crasher" that Bones mentioned, seeing as he told Chase to "keep her sedated and shackled"(presumably in the sarcophagus), and that Chase called her a lunatic. Also, Bones saying "Then we'll see how far Batwoman will go to protect her family." made me think they were talking about Alice as that could be tricky trying to protect her family from a family member. Maybe I'm reading too much into that though.

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I'd like to see the introduction of Cass and Steph as the crime-fighting duo, 'The Spoilers'.

Edge-of-your-seat, wacky adventures would ensue involving team-ups with Babs and Tim, taking down League of Assassins agents, and outrunning a cross and disapproving Batman.

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@thecowman: Would it be too silly to call the first story arc Spoiler Alert?

Maybe that could be their battle cry. :P

#60 Posted by TheCowman (461 posts) - - Show Bio


Would it be too silly to call the first story arc Spoiler Alert?

Maybe that could be their battle cry. :P

I like the cut of yer jib, friend.

#61 Posted by SupBatz (2038 posts) - - Show Bio

@v_scarlotte_rose: Maybe. That would definitely be pretty "WTF Month"-worthy lol.

Same. I still hope Williams decides to come back to Batwoman art someday though.

And fair enough. There definitely was that allusion to Alice. What I mean to say is that I had my hopes high for an arc that would revolve around Alice and explore her character and her history. And it was just a bit unsettling for me to have her not appear and be referenced to only in passing. The way the story is going, it doesn't look like Alice will be getting involved for a bit. I just don't want her back-story to be skipped over or not fully explored because I am pretty exicited to learn more about her :P.

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@FatihBATMAN said:

i dont see how barbara can move on from being batgirl.... unless she gets crippled again.. and dons the oracle persona hehe

If she moved out of Gotham, she could maybe take on a new hero identity, and leave the Batgirl title to someone in Gotham to take over.

Like stephanie brown ?

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@v_scarlotte_rose said:

@FatihBATMAN said:

i dont see how barbara can move on from being batgirl.... unless she gets crippled again.. and dons the oracle persona hehe

If she moved out of Gotham, she could maybe take on a new hero identity, and leave the Batgirl title to someone in Gotham to take over.

Like stephanie brown ?


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@supbatz: I think his plan is to come back for the next arc. I think this arc is to be seven or eight issues long, so we'll maybe see him back on #25 or #26.

Ah right, I see. Yeah, it would be great to get some details on where she's been and what she's been up to. Maybe they'll do another "Interlude" issue all about her backstory with her narrating. Kinda like the second #0 went away from the main story for an issue to recap Kates history, and #15 took a break from Batwoman and Wonder Woman to focus on Maggie. They were called "Interlude" and "Interlude II", so it's possible we'll get "Interlude III" all about Alice. Or better yet, an annual.

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I want to see more Clayface vs Batman,but with a long and really good fight. Calvin Rose became a member of the Bat-family and when really see the bat-family fighting together, the maximum we see is them fighting in pairs or triplet but never seen together.

#67 Posted by thejman250 (155 posts) - - Show Bio

- For the love of god, no more crossovers please. Not with Snyder directing them at least.

- I'd rather have the books that i like focus on it's own characters, than be dragged down by Snyder's drivel.

#68 Posted by nightwing89 (17 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd love to see the "Batman and..." book become Batman and Red Robin. I want to see Tim back with Batman more often.

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Luke Fox as the new Batwing

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