What did alferd teach bruce wayne

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what has alferd taught bruce wayne i heard alferd taught bruce how to be a playboy and get women and all that so does that mean that alferd is realy bruce wayne and batman is bruce wayne.

also remember in the dark knight were rachel says havery may not know you like i do and know that your making fun of him then he says no i mean it havery is the white knight.

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Alfred was a surrogate father figure. It really can't be overstated how much Bruce owes him. As for practical skills, Alfred was ex-British secret service and assisted Thomas Wayne in surgery, so he probably taught him a lot about that stuff.

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Well, he kept bruces livelihood intact, he kept bruce on both feet, bruce learned to think mature from him

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answer the dark knight question please.

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when bruce said "white knight" he meant that Harvey is "attacking" the criminals the right way versus Batman attacking the criminals the "dark" or the "wrong" way

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no what is the sarcastic perosnality bruce has called

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