What are some good Batman story arcs that have these characters?

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What are some good stories involving Batman facing off against MR FREEZE?? Or Batman working alongside NIGHTWING? How about KILLER CROC? I'm interested in reading some Batman comics that are somewhat like what we'd see during the time line in the animated series... where Tim Drake would be Robin, Dick is already Nightwing (and wears blue), maybe throw some Barbara Gordon as Batgirl in there. There's just so much Batman out there I wouldn't know where to look, but I know that stories I enjoy are very character driven, very nostalgic, feature cameo appearances, the rogues gallery, scenes of the bat cave, the batmobile.... but, i'm gettting a little specific here, so back to Mr Freeze and Nightwing, what are some great Batman comics featuring these??

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No mans land has all of those elements and is a great story.....

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Hush and Under the Red Hood

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The killing joke features the end of barbra gordon as batgirl and is a gripping story and compliments Alan Moore greatly

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no man's land is the best considering what you are looking for.....

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Nightwing: Year One has Nightwing (obviously), Jason Todd as Robin, and they face Killer Croc. As the others have said, No Man's Land has Nightwing and Tim Drake in it, but I would point you to Hush instead if you're a new reader. Knight Saga (Knightfall, Knight Quest, and Knight's End) also has a lot of Tim Drake and Killer Croc is pretty important in it. There are a few Mr. Freeze stories, but you're better off watching him in Batman: The Animated Series, Batman: Sub Zero, and Batman Beyond. But if you want good Mr. Freeze stories in comics, then I would pick up Robin: Year One and Under the Hood.

So, in summary, read these books:

Robin: Year One

Nightwing: Year One

Knightsaga (Knightfall, especially)


Under the Hood

and watch:

Batman The Animated Series: Heart of Ice

Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero

Batman Beyond: Meltdown


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