Well Done Batman Fan-Film, 'Arkham Rising' Features The Joker

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As good as many people feel Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises was, many fans found it still left some unanswered questions. Namely, where was the Joker in all of this? At the end of The Dark Knight we saw the Joker taken away and fans were left to assume that the character had been locked up in Arkham. However, toward the end of The Dark Knight Rises, Bane and his henchmen set many of Gotham's worst free to roam the city. For example, there is one scene in particular where the Scarecrow (played by actor Cilian Murphy) plays judge in a courtroom that excommunicates Commissioner Gordon (played by Gary Oldman).

Still, in all of this, where was the Joker? Earlier this year Christopher Nolan made the discussion of the Joker's whereabouts in the film off-limits out of respect for actor Heath Ledger who portrayed the character in Nolan's 2008 film The Dark Knight but died during filming of an accidental drug overdose. Although Nolan didn't want to discuss the character out of respect for the actor's death, that didn't stop fans from alluding to his whereabouts in their own adaptations of the film.

The latest The Dark Knight Rises fan film titled Arkham Rises shows Bane and his army invading Blackgate Prison and unleashing the wrath of some of Gotham's most notorious super villains. See how many you can spot in the short, 5-minute film. What do you think of 'Arkham Rising'? If you like what you see, you can follow the creators of the short film on Twitter and Facebook and check out their official website, here.

Source: Business Insider and Arkham Rising

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Liked it, but I wish it was longer. Anyone else with me, denizens of Comicvine?

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"Well-done" ;)

It's good, yeah.

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That doesn't answer anything lol.

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It's pretty cool. These guys sure made the most out of a very simple set. There must have been like 4 rooms max in this clip. I'd watch a movie based on this concept. I just don't know how they could wrap up that many villains in a normal run time. The nondescript look of the cast kind of adds to the suspense of which villains are being released into Gotham. The girl who played Harley seemed like a good fit but I can't tell if she's a natural blonde. I'm interested in seeing more from these guys.

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Great fan film, though, unless this is part one of a whole series, this makes the events of TDKR and where Joker was during all of it even more confusing, because if he was alive where was he? Wouldn't he go after Bane for "killing" the Batman, which is a privilege that he believes belongs to him? Or even more importantly, what happens to Joker when Batman really does "die" at the end of the movie? Does he go after Blake, thinking of him as a "pretender". So many questions with just the Joker's presence, I can understand why Nolan wouldn't want the Joker in the movie (aside from the respect towards Ledger).

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@War Killer: The movie would have been so much more epic had that happened. Like if the Joker saved Batman from Bane instead of Catwoman, etc. But I understand Nolan's wish to show respect and agree.

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decent pretty short though.

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The complete lack of any acknowledgment of the Joker in The Dark Knight Rises was probably one of my biggest issues with the movie along with the use of Miranda Tate/Talia al Ghul. I get why he isn't in the movie, and he didn't have to be, but the way they dance around him while talking about Harvey Dent if nothing else was... infuriating. I really liked the movie overall, but the way it effectively ignored a majority of the events of The Dark Knight drove me bonkers.

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@Or35ti said:

@War Killer: The movie would have been so much more epic had that happened. Like if the Joker saved Batman from Bane instead of Catwoman, etc. But I understand Nolan's wish to show respect and agree.

That actually would have worked, and they could have done it without even showing Joker completely. They could have just shown Bane getting blasted off of Batman, like with what Catwoman did, but instead shown just Joker's lower half and then have him walk off laughing as Batman going "WHAT THE CRAP?!" xD
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Maybe if they get enough positive feedback they will make this into a web-series

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I like the tone of this one, but actually it doesn't answer any questions, maybe in upcoming episodes...

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Granted, it's a great fan-made film, but it doesn't explain anything that much. If Joker did got out like the rest of the inmates and wretch havoc on Gotham then it's most likely he's either still on the run after the events of "Batman supposed death", is killed off due to current events, or somehow got arrested again like the others. If he is still on the loose then it'll be a huge problem for John Blake/Robin in the future, which is another reason why I have mixed feelings for TDKR ending.

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I know where he is, cutting his face off.

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Not a fan.

Neat effort though.

#17 Posted by The Poet (8646 posts) - - Show Bio

pretty cool

#18 Posted by Nightw BR (113 posts) - - Show Bio

I Liked it, but they could of shown more of him.

#19 Posted by dark_monkey_561 (6 posts) - - Show Bio

They actaully said the whereabouts of the joker in the novel based on the movie

#20 Posted by Havik86 (39 posts) - - Show Bio

M'eh. I didn't like any of the actors they chose to be Riddler, Mad Hatter and Calender Man. Just didn't look right for the parts to me. Also hated the voice for Bane. Overall though, not a fan. It just didn't do anything to tell any kind of story that wasn't already done in Rises.

#21 Posted by vernierhawk001 (559 posts) - - Show Bio

I kind of think that it would be interesting to see Joker try to go after Bane. He gets out, finds out that Bane ended Batman and, in that twisted Joker mind of his, feels cheated and angry and sets out to wreak havoc on Bane's plans. I think that would make a very interesting mini arc

#22 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Quite nice! Liked the cameos from Harley, Mistah J, Bane, Hatter, Calendar Man and Riddler even if they did look too average Joe tome. And the voice of Bane was alright but not as good as the movie. Personally I think they should have contacted Patrick Stewart for the voice but then again this was just a fan film.

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decent...not good, but decent.

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@RoboShark said:

That doesn't answer anything lol.

And Bane's voice was painfully bad lol

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I saw Hush (Thomas Elliot) I think, Calender Man, Harley Quinn (the lady at the beginning. Not sure), Mad Hatter, Joker, Bane and a potrait of Two-Face

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As much as I WANT to like fan based stuff, this just was not that impressive to me...

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good effort....good movie.

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@Or35ti: Dude. I never thought of that But That would be great.

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Love how they use the Arkham blueprints from 1992.

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Not bad

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Looking forward to the movie!

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I am the producer of the film and we do a podcast. In our latest show, we discuss the production of the film and also address some of the comments we've been seeing on the web. Have a listen here http://ymmpodcast.com/2012/11/arkham-rising-podcast/

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@Croi: we address this comment specifically in our podcast, see my comment in this thread for the link! YMM Podcast

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Where was Harley Quinn in Batman movies?

#35 Posted by mrdecepticonleader (19275 posts) - - Show Bio

Not bad for a fan based film.

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Very cool

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Hey you guys check out this Batman fan film trailer. I made it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoldPQ9R3Vs

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pretty cool, terrible bane impression though

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