vs. captain boomerang

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batman with only batarangs vs. captain boomerang

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Oh, that's a good one!

Reason 1: I would have to say Captain Boomerang would win only because that is his only "power". Like for instance, Flash should be faster then Superman because his only thing is speed while Superman has flight, heat vision, super strength, invulnerability, and speed. So he should be slower then Flash to let Flash have something over him.

Reason 2: While Batman would have him beat in agility and the dodging of each other's boomerangs, I see Capt Boomerang as the Green Arrow of boomerangs. What I mean is that Green Arrow has his entire utility belt and the ends of his arrows. So, while Batman definitely has more gear, he will only be able to use his gear within the Batarangs he carries, like his explosive Batarang, and the freeze batarang. So that limits the options he has. Capt Boomerang has only used boomerangs for years and will probably have a wider variety of Boomerangs then Batman has.

Reason 3: the new Captain Boomerang's Boomerangs look really cool. Their all lightningey and such.



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i can actually see batman catch captaains boomerangs and throw them back

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