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That is a trailer for GI: JOE...........

#3 Posted by MuyJingo (1550 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh well the trailer really is out!

So, my thoughts:

  • Bane still looks tiny
  • Bridges blowing up? A plot inspired by No mans Land?
  • A little kid....Dick Grayson? Probably not.
  • Why is JGL in that trailer? He just look shocked in two scenes...that's other info
  • Catwoman still Anne Hathaway in a bad costume.

The trailer didn't really add a lot of new footage or give new info....I was hoping it might hype me up some more.....guess we will have to wait and see how it pans out.

#4 Posted by RMurray (83 posts) - - Show Bio

They're hinting heavily at Bruce paying the ultimate price, and most likely Joseph Gordon Levitt continuing the legacy of Batman. Something akin to that.

#5 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1664 posts) - - Show Bio

@MuyJingo: I dunno.....looks EPIC but so goddamn DARK.....maybe too dark :S but man is Batman you never get to dark, right :D?

#6 Posted by entropy_aegis (14216 posts) - - Show Bio

Hats off to Anne,she was clearly the star of this trailer IMO and Bane has a Hispanic accent...GASP,fanboys should quit complaining now.

#7 Posted by MuyJingo (1550 posts) - - Show Bio

@entropy_aegis said:

Hats off to Anne,she was clearly the star of this trailer IMO and Bane has a Hispanic accent...GASP,fanboys should quit complaining now.

Meh. It would be better if thee actor playing Bane was actually Hispanic to match the character. Still, at least the accent shows they care somewhat about accuracy.

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I saw the trailer. I didn't really hear the Latin accent but I guess they are going to play off that Bane has been in the dark too long and that would explain his pale complexion. As for Catwoman, I suppose my speculation was a bit off. Catwoman could just be Selina Kyle. Seeing her get up without the cat ears and riding the batpod lead me to believe she was Talia and using Batman's tech against him and Marion Cotrallard's character was Nyssa Raatko. The formula would make sense though. One sister is loving toward Bruce and the other sister could pretend to love Bruce and throw him off her track while she manipulates things behind his back. I think we all can agree that Marion's character is not original its just an alias for one of Ra's daughters and she gives Bane whatever Wayne Tech he needs to bring Gotham down for good. The only thing I am curious about is what could Catwoman have on Bane that could damage his plans to bring down Gotham. Catwoman doesn't frighten easily unless someone in her social circle is threatened. That's another reason why I think Catwoman is Talia because Talia never agreed with her father's views so Talia could have adopted a Robin Hood persona to rob from the rich and corrupt and give back to the destitute rather than tearing down a city plus Bane frightens Talia even though they have shared some intimate scenes together.

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