Time to check out the new 52 Batman reboot. Need guidance though

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I've just finished reading almost all the important Batman comics from the mid 80s to 2010-ish.  Near the end I was reading Grant Morrisons run expecting something great. 
However, I thought his work was awful. 
Feeling somewhat unsatisfied after witnessing Grant Morrison butcher the Batman mythos, I'm looking towards this "new 52" everyone raves about on this website.   
Can I read this reboot and ignore all the previous comics I just read?   
Can someone give me a list of this new reading order of Batman's reboot?   
I don't mind if someone gives me a small list of the Batman reboot because after 5 or so issues I'll probably figure out if I enjoy it or not. 
I've seen a few complaints and praises here and there but I try not to look too deeply into each thread since some ass-clown always decided to post spoilers of the new issues.  I already now know that there are new villains called "The Court of Owls" although thankfully that's all I know.

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I agree about forgetting all of the pre-flashpoint stuff and starting with Court of Owls.

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Keep away from spoilers! You must read Batman #1-14. Great stuff. 1-7 are collected in the hardcover, "The Court of Owls." I'm not sure if 8-12 have been collected yet. Just get them all digitally and you shouldn't have a hard time getting a hold of them.

The rest of the Bat-family stuff is kind of so-so. Batman and Robin's first arc (1-6 or 7, I forget) was good. I can't say any of the other stuff was good enough to get. If you don't like Grant Morrison, you probably won't like Batman Inc in the New 52, so you can skip that.

Main point: Get all of Scott Snyder's Batman issues.

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I read about 5 pages of the first episode of Batman Inc and was fed up of Grant Morrisons 'style'.  
I always thought he'd be great doing Batman stories ever since he made Batman: Gothic in the 80's. 
Could someone link me the canon new reboot, not including Grant Morrisons stuff.  I'm hoping his stuff doesn't matter with the main series.

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Just so you know (as you seem to think otherwise), Batman was one of two franchises (the other being Green Lantern) that weren't really rebooted (at least not as drastically as everything else)...they basically continue from where they had left off the previous month, just the universe around them is different and the timeline doesn't make as much sense. Scott Snyder's Batman is the most essential of the Batman books though some of the others are great as well (including the Bat-family books that don't actually star Batman).

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Get all of the Snyder/Capullo Batman book, and get Detective Comics #1

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as others have said collect all of Snyder's Batman and once u start reading "Death of the Family" u might wanna collect Batgirl #14,

RHatO #14 and maybe even Suicide Squad #14..Nightwing #14 didn't seem really essential to the crossover.

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So, before I even posted on this forum I checked out the wiki page.  Here is the section I checked out: - 

BatmanFirst Wave
Scott SnyderGreg Capullo14
Starting with issue 10, a back up feature was included, written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV.
Detective ComicsTony Daniel

John Layman
Tony Daniel

Jason Fabok
Batman: The Dark KnightDavid Finch and Paul Jenkins

Gregg Hurwitz
David Finch

Ethan van Sciver
Batman and RobinPeter TomasiPat Gleason14
BatgirlGail SimoneArdian Syaf

Ed Benes
BatwomanJ. H. Williams III
W. Haden Blackman
J. H. Williams III
Amy Reeder
NightwingKyle Higgins

Tom DeFalco
Eddy Barrows

Trevor McCarthy

Geraldo Borges

Andres Guinaldo
Mark Irwin
CatwomanJudd WinickGuillem March14
BatwingJudd WinickBen Oliver14
Birds of PreyDuane SwierczynskiJesus Saiz

Travel Foreman
Jeff Huet

Romano Molenaar
Red Hood and the OutlawsScott LobdellKenneth Rocafort14
Batman IncorporatedSecond Wave
Grant MorrisonChris Burnham 5
TalonThird Wave
Scott Snyder
James Tynion IV
Guillem March2
Spinning off from the Night of the Owls storyline in Batman


So, I've already checked out Batman Inc and didn't like it at all.  Had a gander at The Dark Knight and didn't care too much for that either.  The Dark Knight just follows on with the mess and gets worse.  As soon as I saw a jacked up Two Face calling himself One Face I got fed up instantly (yeah I know I'm high maintenance and easily uninspired if something seems too unoriginal). 
So I'll try out Batman and Detective Comics.  I really think the Batman genre needs a good fresh restart.  Tell the story more chronologically and piece all the best characters together refreshingly.
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The New 52 Batman title can be enjoyed with a full understanding of prior Batman stories or no exposure at all.

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exactly i wanna read up on batmans adventures, before i venture into new 52.

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