Things that people wants in the next movies that make no sense.

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1. Robin, ok, some people just cant understand that Kick Ass said Robin was a horrible idea, that take a kid and make him a crime figthing machine is a thing only and insane person would do and was wrong, Captain America had Bucky as his best friend, it wouldnt work in a movie, i mean even in the Adam West show Robin looks out of place, the Batfamily would make sense in a movie, but Robin dont.

2. Wire Fu, ok, lets face it, wire fu only make sense in Wuxia movies, Batman is the best Martial Artist in his world, but he lives in a modern world and uses dark colors, for the same he needs to use modern style martial arts action, hard hitting elbows, knees, in other words he need to look more like The Raid, Ong Bak, Undisputed, Wired, Flashpoint and others that Kill Bill or Matrix, as muchs as people love those movies, Batman isnt a Chinesse Monk during the Ming dinasty, neither he is Jackie Chan or is an Anime Girl.

3. Scobby Doo detective work, ok i get that people likes the whole Sherlock Holmes decetive work, but Batman uses modern technology, pretty much what Batman does with detective job, is what Gregory House did in his show, pretty much House is a modern day version os Sherlock Holmes, just change crimes with diseases, House use many machines, at the end he solves problems with his mind still he uses technology to get a better idea of things.

4. Spandex costume, ok, i am the only one that remembers Batman movies are movies? what works in a comic book dont work as well in the movies, dont say Avengers this or Avengers that, they change things in the costumes or get based in more modern versions of the costumes, i mean the Captain America isnt using his cool Pirate Boots.

Pirate Boots for the win.

5. Arkham City, ok, Arkham City was a great video game, but it was a video game, if you are going to make a movie about a video game you change things, because its a movie, making a movie based on a video game that is based on a comic book?.

6. BatGod, ok, isnt like BatGod a thing used by crappy writters?, inst he boring as hell?

7. Be like the comic, exactly like the comic, ITS A MOVIE, is never going to be like the comic, because it has sound and the characters move, not even Scott Pilgrim is exactly as the comic.

Now a quick riddler, what is the L word?

8. Tim Burton, ok isnt that going backwards?

9. Marvel type movie, Batman isnt a Marvel character, he could kick the sorry butt of Hawkeye and Balck Widow and still gets time to make out with Catwoman, before he get his breackfast.

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It seems like a lot of the points you're making are only being justified by the statement "It's a movie..."

I don't see why you don't think Robin or detective work aren't suitable for a movie. Each Robin is a very interesting character who could definitely make a movie plot more interesting. It seems like your main problem with him is that he is a kid and i wouldn't be believable. That's a somewhat understandable point. Perhaps an older Robin, maybe 15 or 16 years old, ought to be used instead of a 10-12 year old Robin. And I can't speak for everybody but I do not think that "detective work" is too much to ask for. Definitely have Batman use technology, that's a central part of his character. But the past Batman films have been much more about the brawn than the brain. I want to see a Batman who can figure things out in a deductive and highly intelligent way.

Spandex... I'm not too confident in the idea myself but it's going too far to say "It just can't work." I'm sure that there's a way to use a more traditional sort of costume in live-action without making it look ridiculous or impractical.

As for Arkham City, I believe that the idea behind that i that people want the film to match the tone of Arkham City. Not so much to be actually based on the game or its story. Arkham City has a gritty feel to it which uses some less realistic aspects of the Batman universe while staying believable.

And, of course, "Bat-god" has to be mentioned. That has got to be the most subjective and overused term on this website. Of course nobody wants a Batman who never has trouble with anything and who can predict and impending alien invasion and counter it without breaking a sweat. But people want a capable Batman. That is, a Batman who is able to fend for himself and not be pushed to the brink too easily.

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4-8 I agree completely.

3 and 9. I don't know what you mean.

2. I hate wire special effect, but I would like to see Batman do a little more martial arts than simply throw elbows at people's faces even though I really enjoyed his fight scenes in The Dark Knight.

1. I think a sufficiently skilled director and writer might be able to make it work. There is always the, "He will be out on the streets whether I am with him or not so I may as well make him my partner," excuse. It could definitely be done with a Robin in his late teens. Honestly, I would have no problem with an older teenager fighting as a vigilante. Historically, that age has always fought in wars.

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@DeathpooltheT1000: I'm so glad you mentioned The Raid. I sometimes wish the Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises was done Raid action style

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I still say a child Robin should be in the movie. Robin is a huge part of the Batman mythos. Saying it won't be believable is stupid. Almost everything in comics are unbelievable, but having a crime fighting child is crossing line?

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havent we gone through this before. robin could work if they had the right director and actor not every batman movie has to be ultra dark and realistic especially since they are going to put him in the Justice League movie they cant make him realistic. I have never heard anyone say they want it to be excatly llike the comic we want it to be similar to the comic and not radically change the mythos like the nolan movies did. I recall Captain America still wearing spandex in the movie so your wrong on that one.

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what the hell is up with Spandex? Most guyz from DC and Marvel stopped using that like 10 years ago. batman as a character has had a funtional costume way back. he`s movie costume could be like in Archam City- something light but resistent. Most of the points you make are subjective and have no real reason

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@Dhor said:

what the hell is up with Spandex? Most guyz from DC and Marvel stopped using that like 10 years ago. batman as a character has had a funtional costume way back. he`s movie costume could be like in Archam City- something light but resistent. Most of the points you make are subjective and have no real reason

Many of your arguments are simply because the right Director has not tried that aspect with Batman. Robin's few forays into Hollywood are marred by the styles of the 90s and the questionable choices of Schumacher. The character has been around and popular since the 40s, he can work in a movie.

As for Spandex, I do not think most people want this. Rather I think what most people want is a Batman that is not entirely black. Throw in some greys and make the costume similar to Arkham City's (an armored style that incorporates classic colors).

He is the World's Greatest Detective, I think some actual reasoning and deduction should be standard in all Batman films.

I agree that he should not be a God, however Batman has to be able to hold his own in a world populated with metas and aliens. If he is easily beaten, or if he easily triumphs, then there is no fun or suspense. And while I can't speak for everyone, I think that fun is a main reason to read comics or see a blockbuster movie.

You are taking "be like the comics" far too literally. I think people are crying for a representation that stays true to source material while improving on various aspects because of the advantages film brings to the table. Such advantages include, but are not limited to, movement and sound.

Don't be too quick to rule things out as impossible to convey in a movie. There are plenty of stories I thought could never be translated well to another form of media. I have been proven wrong countless times. Who would have thought that LOTR could be adapted and beloved by both fans and mainstream audiences before Peter Jackson took the helm and special effects improved. All things in cinema are possible, it just takes the right culmination of director, writer, actors, and technology.

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I don't want a spandex costume but I do want something closer to his comic suit....I really don't like the Nolan suits

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robin could work if written right. Detective work to me is a must, it kinda sucks that he relies on technology. The most compelling batman stories relied on his detective skills and makes for a better story. If you don't believe me watch batman the animated series and read some of the comics including DC flagship title 'detective comics' which he so often appears in.

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@PsychoKnights: @MrShway88: @r3d_rob1n: @Dhor: @Eternal19: @Skewer: @SupBatz: Arkham is way less reallistic that people wants to belive.

Another thing, if something we saw in Man of Steel and Arrow is that DC is getting more serious and dark that Marvel, also is Batman, he has to be dark and gritty, he is Batman, also stop the whole Marvel did this or did that, lets face it, a Batman Marvel type movie would be so damn boring, Batman isnt a Marvel character.

Batman having all his skills on a movie and doing all by himself, without any try of help would make him not human enough, Batman needs to feel more human that the rest of the group, that dont mean should go Nolan Batman all the movie, but people want him to be a mix of, Captain America, Ironman, Black Panther and freacking Hulk.

@Mediumguy: |The Raid is how Batman and Green Arrow action should be, i mean is pretty damn dark intense and awesome to see.

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@DeathpooltheT1000: none of us said we wanted the movie to be like a marvel movie stop putting words in our mouths. People can believe that a man can fly in a movie. I think you think that mainstream audiences want everything to be ultra-realistic, when people go to see superhero movies for suspension of disbelief. We dont want it to be exactly like the comic we want it to go in line with the source material. When did people say that they want him to be like those characters? we want him to be batman. Having Robin in the movie could work under the right people.Everyone knows batman is a human thats why he uses gadgets and advanced tech to help him.

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@Eternal19 said:

@DeathpooltheT1000: none of us said we wanted the movie to be like a marvel movie stop putting words in our mouths. People can believe that a man can fly in a movie. I think you think that mainstream audiences want everything to be ultra-realistic, when people go to see superhero movies for suspension of disbelief. We dont want it to be exactly like the comic we want it to go in line with the source material. When did people say that they want him to be like those characters? we want him to be batman. Having Robin in the movie could work under the right people.Everyone knows batman is a human thats why he uses gadgets and advanced tech to help him.

Well said

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I think if maybe they introduced Robin as a child in a flashback sequence and then implied that Batman trained him for a few years prior to having him fight crime as say a 15 to 16 year old it could work.

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Batmnan doesn't even have a spandex costume in the comics, so why would it be spandex in the movie? If anything, a close approximation to how his costume would look if the comic were transferred to real life is Captain America's suit in the Avengers, but grey/black, and with a cape.

And no one has been calling for wire fu, either.

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@Skewer: he only requires technology if he needs it.He is not going to use it for no reason.He can scan an entire room rather than hand searching for something and missing something (because he is a human,and batman doesn't have all night to hand-search for everything).

Besides,the one from BTAS had very little batman skills.I kinda hated how thugs could always sneak up on him and stuff.But still a good show

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Should we make a 10 things that people what in a Lord of the Rings movie that make no sense in the same vein as what you are trying to say? For example...

1) You have a group of people walking through a forest and being scared with no antagonist or protagonist save for the presumed looming threat of non-corporeal figures. It may work well in the books (which it doesn't btw I think LotR is crap just fyi) but it would never work in a movie... (despite Blair Witch being a box office hit with precisely that)

2) Short people as heroes? C'mon that's unrealistic!

3) Magic? What are you a kid... this is a movie!

You could go on and on.

Quite frankly, the movie industry having such a hard time with just taking comics and turning them straight into movies denotes something seriously wrong with the movie industry considering that just about everything that needs to be done in preproduction for a movie is already done when making a comic. The only other argument is that it won't sell well and that is complete nonsense. They've never actually tried it save for "almost" in the DCAU films and there has been nothing but positive feedback from them. I'd imagine if they were live action and in theater's they'd have made much much more money from those films. If anything this shows that there is some serious problems with the creative and licensing problems of the movie industry more so than "it's not presentable to a "normal" audience" as they like to keep telling us. remember that? Yellow and blue outfits would look stupid and not sell well... and then First class they did it and noone said a word about it? Yeah, that alone proves this whole "it's too fantastical" nonsense is all BS and not worthy of even being considered as a reasonable argument.

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@DeathpooltheT1000: Most of your points here are good arguments, but you present them illogically. Not to mention, your English is maddening.

1. You claim that, "some people just can't understand that Kick Ass said Robin was a horrible idea." What you mean is some people disagree with your opinion, but you believe they disagree out of ignorance. In truth, people are simply interested in the dynamic between Batman and Robin which could be utilized to make for a good movie. If DC introduced Damian Wayne, the film could focus on their relationship.

"It wouldn't work in a movie,"--Claiming that there is no possible way to incorporate Robin into a movie is incorrect, seeing as Christopher Nolan has. Personally, I don't think Robin is necessary for a Batman film to succeed, but making cameos for the Bat family will only please more fans.

2. I didn't understand what you meant by Wire Fu, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Apparently it is the uses of wires, pulleys, etc. to lift an actor into the air to portray superhuman abilities. I've seen a few movies that use this sort of thing (I didn't know it was Wire Fu at the time), and I think it looks ridiculous. Perhaps you have mixed up supporters of gymnastics-style combat with Wire Fu supporters--there was a similar discussion about a month ago. I refer to gymnastics-style combat supporters as people who wish Batman fought a little bit more openly, perhaps like in the Arkham video games. In the Nolan films, Batman has been using, "hard hitting elbows, knees," and other tools of the Keysi Fighting Method. My opinion is that modern action films are difficult to follow (I'm fifteen years old, not some old guy). Watching the new Green Arrow series, I can barely enjoy the action because I don't know what's going on half the time. I think a blend of the flipping, Northern Chinese martial arts and the Keysi Fighting Method techniques would portray Batman nicely. Watching the new The Dark Knight Returns animated movie, I found myself loving the fighting scenes.

That said, I did like the Christopher Nolan action a lot.

3. I can't help but be confused by your logic: you diss on Sherlock Holmes, but then you praise Gregory House--who is completely based off Sherlock Holmes. You even mention this, "pretty much House is a modern day version of Sherlock Holmes." So do you like Holmes, or House, or what? Are you making the argument that technology does the job of detective work? In that case, I must remind you that detectives today do more than use technology to solve cases.

My opinion is that after the Justice League movie, there should be a Batman movie based on a mystery (including action, of course). If someone can make a movie with Batman that makes him look like Sherlock Holmes, I'll be more than satisfied. Just read some of Holmes' books: Batman is very similar.

4. We all understand that movies are a different medium than comics. However, spandex should not be dismissed. Watchmen was great at redesigning the characters to fit their roles in the movie while staying true to the content. Didn't Silk Spectre use spandex in the movie? That worked out all right. Perhaps if the movie was focused on a mystery, rather than combat, Batman wouldn't need so much armor? You shouldn't just dismiss the premise of a spandex costume. Spider-man's costume is the same as in the comics. The New 52 is certainly armored-up enough to be realistic, why not make it like that?

5. I agree that Arkham City wouldn't make my favorite movie, but I still don't understand your point--mostly because there's only one period, and it's behind a question mark. Is your reason that it is too complicated to have a movie based on a video game which is based on a comic? I don't think that's my issue. I would be more concerned that the premise of Arkham City, a city for bad guys, is too unrealistic. I think a movie based on the game Arkham Asylum would be great! Minus the Titan Joker.

6. We all know that Batgod is boring character. Flat characters were popular in early literature (we're talking middle ages), but as writing has progressed characters have become rounded--they have certain flaws, making them more complex and thus interesting. I doubt that any modern writers would consider writing about Batgod.

7. You're evidence that the movie can't be like the comic is completely logical in a literal sense. However, physical evidence is irrelevant to our discussion, so your evidence is being used illogically. Your point is to argue that movies will never just be like comics. Logically, movies must alter their source material in order to be entertaining. However, this doesn't excuse bad stories. I was not a fan of how the Nolan films changed Bane's origin so drastically, especially since it didn't make for an engrossing narrative. The key is to try to be as close to the source as possible, while changing subtle details to make for a successful movie. In order to do this, you need to make sure that the source material is easily translatable. That's why I think a mystery would be great. Make up a new villain if need be. Have you ever seen the movie Se7en? That's what I'm talking about when I say, "mystery."

8. This point is astoundingly simple-minded. History enlightens us. It gives us insight into what works and what doesn't. Surely you understand the idea of learning?

9. Marvel's movies are entertaining as well as true to the characters. There's nothing wrong with DC learning from their competitor's success. The rest of your comment has nothing to do with the conversation.

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What the...did you just compared Dr.House and Batman?

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good points made


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