The truth of how Batman can survive all those beatings he takes.

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The Batcave is actually a nearly depleted Lazarus Pit and Bruce doesn't know it.

The Wayne family used to be aligned with Ras al'ghul and made their fortune being Ras' legit front. Bruce's grandfather severed ties with Ras amicably before Thomas Wayne was born, over some immoral merchandise Ras wanted the Wayne's to acquire(prisoners to test a deadly strain of flu we know as the Spanish Flu). Ras didn't mind the split because the Wayne's were basically redundant at this point. With the rise of corporations Ras had something equally as immortal as him self that could always serve his needs. That and the Wayne Manor Lazarus pit had become of no more use to him after an earthquake destroyed most of the substance with in.

Bruce's grandfather never told his son Thomas about the Lazarus pit or Ras. Thomas still managed to discover the remains of the pit and the life giving properties. He used the weakened Lazarus pit vapors in his surgeries to great effect. Becoming a highly regarded and almost miraculous surgeon. Who could pull of surgeries that were expected to fail with the patient's death. His fame helped him bring Wayne Enterprise to the most prominent and successful corporation Gotham. The Wayne's notoriety had not escaped the notice of Ras who had deduced the secret of Thomas' miracle surgical performance. So Ras set forth a plan in motion to make the great Thomas Wayne's death look like a random act of street crime. Ras had also planned to portray himself as forgotten older brother of Thomas, who had been given up for adoption at birth. Ras would come in claim Wayne Enterprises and the orphaned son Bruce to be his heir apparent. His plan was foiled by a British Intelligence officer named Pennyworth.

Alfred had been on Ras' trail for years during the course of investigating a terrorism plot from Northern Ireland. Alfred had taken up a cover identity as the Wayne's butler after learning of the connection between the Wayne family and Ras. Alfred fought off Ras' attempt at taking over the Wayne name in a finale battle in the cave under the Manor. He was badly injured and took a risk and immersed him self directly into remaining Lazarus pit substance. While it wasn't potent as a normal pit is. It healed his injuries and froze his aging, but left him appearing much older then he was at the time of the battle. His final assignment after recovering was given to him. He was to remain under cover as the Wayne butler and guardian of young Bruce so he could maintain watch over the pit and the workings of Ras.

Alfred had become very attached to Master Wayne while raising him. When Bruce because Batman, Alfred afraid for the life of someone he considered a son, guided Bruce to set up the Batcave in a certain spot. The part of the cavern system under the Manor not only had natural secluded exits but also filled with Lazarus pit vapors which would help Bruce heal faster. Bruce is so far unaware of the vapor and its positive effects on his health.

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....sick :O

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Holy Sh*4 bro, deeeeep

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I love this and your avatar. Never change.

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@sunhawk WOW!
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hmmmmm interesting.............

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That actually makes a lot of sense.

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That is the best thing I have heard that's SICK! Even with Bruce being at human pinnacle status, and the batsuit and all his gear, he still takes a beating that one would have to almost have a healing factor to recover from.

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Honestly I'd so be down for that to be a plot line in the new show or for an elseworld comic cause that was sick! I would say though the more conspiracy theory around Bruce's family the more I want to avoid it. I find something beautifully poetic in a random act of street violence created one of hte world's greatest heroes. Because that is his goal, to stop the rapists, the corporate biggots, the muderers, the gangs, etc. Many of those are random acts, which leads to the symmetry in his life. How ever this is stil la really cool story idea and I would love to see an elseworlds take on this, or make it part of the new show which has a badass secret agent Alfred who could totally pull this off.

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Very interesting theory! Would be awesome as a comic book.

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This makes so much sense!!!!!!

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@FatihBATMAN said:

....sick :O
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@pulseangel666 said:


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Maybe Batman is really Plastic Man in disguise.

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I could see this as Elseword series of maybe 3-4 issues. Tell it all from the prescriptive of Alfred as he is filing reports to MI6 over the years. His reports would set up into flashback of the Wayne family history.

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Wow, this is really interesting. I wonder if this extended exposure to the Lazarus substance would eventually lead to deterioration of Bruce's mind and/or body. This could be a very interesting story.

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I will now and forever see this as a part of continuity. Like, during hush when his skull was damaged in the fall, he was back fighting in under a months time. This would explain that.

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That's good for Batman. But it doesn't explain how every other human comic book character survives beatings like Batman.

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@sunhawk: Leave it to you to come up with something good! Nice!

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Yup, I could see it happening in an alternative universe.

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You've thought a lot about this lol

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Simply genius.

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It makes so much sense.

Maybe too much sense.

Well not the whole Ras killed the Wayne and the whole Alfred thing, that one almost killed this fan theory.

Also, Alfred is a Valet, not a butler.

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@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

It makes so much sense.

Maybe too much sense.

Well not the whole Ras killed the Wayne and the whole Alfred thing, that one almost killed this fan theory.

Also, Alfred is a Valet, not a butler.

Small difference between valet and butler.

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@sunhawk said:

@DeathpooltheT1000 said:

It makes so much sense.

Maybe too much sense.

Well not the whole Ras killed the Wayne and the whole Alfred thing, that one almost killed this fan theory.

Also, Alfred is a Valet, not a butler.

Small difference between valet and butler.

A valet or gentleman's gentleman is a gentleman's male servant; the closest female equivalent is a lady's maid.

The valet performs personal services such as maintaining his employer's clothes, running his bath and perhaps (especially in the past) shaving his employer.

In a great house, the master of the house had his own valet, and in the very grandest great houses, other adult members of the employing family (e.g. master's sons) would also have their own valets.

At a court, even minor princes and high officials may be assigned one, but in a smaller household the butler (the majordomo in charge of the household staff) might have to double as his employer's valet. In a bachelor's household the valet might perform light housekeeping duties as well.

Valets learned the skills for their role in various ways. Some began as footmen, learning some relevant skills as part of that job, and picking up others when deputising for their master's valet, or by performing valeting tasks for his sons before they had a valet of their own, or for male guests who did not travel with a valet. Others started out as soldier-servants to army officers (batmen) or stewards to naval officers.

Traditionally, a valet did much more than merely lay out clothes and take care of personal items. He was also responsible for making travel arrangements, dealing with any bills and handling all money matters concerning his master or his master's household.

Alexandre Bontemps, the most senior of the thirty-six valets to Louis XIV of France, was a powerful figure, who ran the Chateau de Versailles. In courts,valet de chambre was a position of some status, often given to artists, musicians, poets and others, who generally spent most of their time on their specialized work. The role was also, at least during the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, a common first step or training period in a nobleman's career at court.

Valets, like butlers and most specialized domestic staff, have become relatively rare, and a more common — though still infrequent — arrangement is the general servant performing combined roles.

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Back on topic.

How can I get DC to make a short elseworld series based on this?

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reminds me of a positive Creepypasta theory

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