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He is one of the greatest and most respected superheroes ever created! A relentless figure of the dark that protects the streets of Gotham City and puts the fear in all who oppose the law or oppress the innocent. The Batman has been fighting crime for over 70 years and his influence on popular culture is second to none. Known for his willpower, mind and combat skills, the Dark Knight has given fans some of the best and most exciting fights ever to grace a funny book. And here for the first time is a listing of his 5 best (no easy task mind you)!!!

Read and enjoy the greatest battles of the Caped Crusader...

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I've read many batman comics over the last few months and I'd choose 5 particular battles as my own personal fave

5: His first ever battle against KGBeast

4: His constant fights against the night scourge in Batman Prey

3: His third fight against Predator where he fights a father and a son predator

2: His first fight against the predator

1: His first real fight against Gearhead in "Gears of Justice"

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Batman has had such a rich history of fights that it was hard to narrow them all down. But I went to the ones that were referenced the most, had the most impact on the industry and truly defined him.

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His fight against superman in the dark knight returns is the best.

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How could it not be?

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I agree, Batman's fight with Superman in the Dark Knight Returns is his greatest fight.

Batman: Hush has many amazing fights throughout the whole series. Batman fights almost his entire rogues gallery with remarkable combat.

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soooo looking forward to DKR movie!! reading the comics now

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Batman DKR comics are priceless...

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agreed ;) hehe

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Batman vs Talon

Batman vs Lady Shiva

Batman vs Karate Kid

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs the Court of Owls

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Does anyone remember his fight against a monster like super soldier in Legends of the Dark Knight Infected arc by Warren Ellis? Personally I prefer the Mutant Leader fight from DKR than the Superman one. KGBeast fight was also very good.

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5. Vs Lady Shiva

4. Vs Superman (Dark Knight Returns)

3. Vs KGBeast

2. Vs Bat- Azrael

1. Vs Bane (The fight in Knightfall and the fight in Contagion)

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Nice list. I don't really have a best battles list but Ra's vs. Bruce in Birth of the Demon is something I can't forget, that was brutal and amazing.

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Batman v that mutant leader in TDKR was a great fight and a real demonstration of Batman's courage...

Fight v Superman is most iconic.

fight v Talon and Shiva are two of the best and evenly matched encounters

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-Guy Gardner





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