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Hi everybody, I'm lookin' for help :)

I've begin to read comics just before the 52 relaunch, it was made just for me :D BUT I do realize that there are more than a thousand comics of the pre 52 that I have to read. I've been a Robin addict so I did read all the comics that concern Damian, the Red Robin ones, and the Red Hood arc (+ Lost Days). Anyway as a good fan I've also read Knightfall, Killing Joke , and The Return of Bruce Wayne What else can I read... what else must I read ?

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Although I don't like to recommend things by Frank Miller, Year One was okay. Killing Joke was great. Check out some Batman and Robin trades. And Court of Owls.

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I did read ALL the New 52 so Courts of Owls is everything in my life ;p

Also, i forgot to mention that I did read Hush, and I tried, I really tried but I just can't read Incorporated :/. I've saw the DC Animated Movie for Year One that's why when I had the opportunity to read it i only made a "quick-read". And what do you mean by Batman and Robin trades ? Grayson ? Thank you :)

What else ?

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Hush, Death in the Family, the killing Joke, Black MIrror, Batman and Son, Knightfall, No man's land, The Dark Knight Returns (depending on your taste.) Year ONE, Under the Hood, R.I.P, that's what I can think on top of my head. but that should pretty much get you in the bat-verse.

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I also read Battle for the Cowl. Ok so I have to read No man's land, Dark Knight Returns (So excited about the movie going out on 25th) and RIP, have read all the other ones. Is RIP the crazy thing with Hurty cuz' I do not know him much. Can't read the part of Batman & Robin (Dick & Damian) when Bruce came back just because of those draws. Thank you :D

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@Russcovito: you may also check out Long Halloween and Dark Victory. A couple of good mystery tales from Batman's early days. Long Halloween also features Two-Face. If you want to check out some of his interactions with Superman, then I would suggest Public Enemies and Supergirl, also by Loeb.

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Batman: A Long Halloween is an excellent graphic novel. It's a 12 part murder mystery where someone is killed in a holiday themed manner on every major holiday. Great cameos by many major baddies, and the first two Nolan Batman films borrowed quite a few ideas from this book.

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This is the reading list I always recommend. (Warning: Terribly long list)

Reading list

* = essential

Batman: Year One*

Batman: Shaman

Batman and the Monster Men

Batman and the Mad Monk

Batman: The Man Who Laughs

Batman: Prey

Batman: Four of a Kind

Batman: The Long Halloween*

Batman: Haunted Knight

Batman: Dark Victory

Batman Chronicles: The Gauntlet

Robin: Year One

Batgirl: Year One

Batman: Tales of the Demon

Batman: Strange Apparitions

Nightwing: Year One

Batman: Ten Nights of the Beast

Batman: The Killing Joke*

Batman: The Cult

Batman: A Death in the Family*

Batman: A Lonely Place of Dying

Robin: A Hero Reborn

Batman: The Last Arkham

Batman: Sword of Azrael

Batman: Knightfall Vol. 1: New Edition*

Batman: Knightfall Vol. 2: Knightquest New Edition*

Batman: Knightfall Vol. 3: Knightsend New Edition*

Batman: Contagion

Batman: Legacy

Batman: Cataclysm*

Batman: No Man's Land Vol. 1 New Edition*

Batman: No Man's Land Vol. 2 New Edition*

Batman: No Man's Land Vol. 3 New Edition*

Batman: No Man's Land Vol. 4 New Edition*

Batman: Evolution

Batman: Officer Down

Batman: False Faces

Bruce Wayne: Murderer?

Bruce Wayne: Fugitive Vol. 1

Bruce Wayne: Fugitive Vol. 2

Bruce Wayne: Fugitive Vol. 3

Batman: Hush

Batman: Death and the Maidens

Superman/Batman Vol. 1: Public Enemies

Batman: Hush Returns

Robin: Unmasked!

Batman: War Drums

Batman: War Games Act One: Outbreak

Batman: War Games Act Two: Tides

Batman: War Games Act Three: Endgame

Batman: War Crimes

Identity Crisis*

The OMAC Project* & Superman: Sacrifice*

Batman: Under the Hood*

Infinite Crisis*


Batman: Face the Face

Batman and Son*

Batman: The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul

Batman: The Black Glove*

Robin: Violent Tendencies

Batman: Gotham Underground

Batman R.I.P.*

Final Crisis*

Batman: Battle for the Cowl*

Batman and Robin Vol. 1: Batman Reborn*

Batman and Robin Vol. 2: Batman Vs. Robin*

Batman: Time and the Batman*

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne*

Batman and Robin Vol. 3: Batman Must Die*

Batman Incorporated Vol. 1

Batman: The Black Mirror

Batman Vol. 1: The Court of Owls*

Batman 7-12*

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What is 52 ? I mean before the reboot there is a "52" in the list, what's it ?

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52 is like a series about what happened during that year that the big 3 were missing.

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The Black Mirror by Scott Snyder was pretty good.

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@Russcovito: 52 is a maxi-series that fills in the missing year in the DC Universe. After Infinite Crisis the Trinity retired for a whole year: Superman because he lost his powers temporarily, Batman because he had lost focus and wanted to regain it, and Wonder Woman because she wanted to find her humanity again. However, despite some cameos, 52 is not about them. Instead, it's about smaller heroes such as Booster Gold, Elongated Man, Steel, Animal Man, Adam Strange, Starfire, Will Magnus, among others, and what they did during that missing year.

It's also one of the best comic books ever made.

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Long Halloween is a must-read.

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: And is there a story about Batsy Super and WonderWoman did during this period ?

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@Russcovito: In issue 10 you see Clark Kent having some problems at getting news for the Daily Planet because of his lack of powers. In issue 30 you see Batman training in Nanda Parbat. In issue 41 you see Wonder Woman in Nanda Parbat too. All of them show up in issue 51.

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The Black Mirror.

Seriously. The Black Mirror.

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