The Dark Knight Strikes Again Film

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So I got an early look at the The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 (visa-vi the internet) and noticed mention of The Justice League, (Wonder Woman Returning to the Amazons on Paradise Island, Man hunter leaving the planet, ect) and then off course there was One armed Green Arrow True to the text; the real question is will there be a Dark Knight Strikes Again Film to complete the Year One Arc trilogy and if so will it's release be near the Justice League movie kinda how Year One and the The Dark Knight Returns were released with Nolan's Batman?

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Highly doubtful. Unlike Year One and the Dark Knight Returns, The Dark Knight Strikes Again is almost universally hated (with good reason).

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@FadeToBlackBolt: What you said

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Doubtful, its so widely panned by critics and hated by fans and if they were going to change it they'd have to remove so much from that book to be considered mediocre.

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why ?

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TDKSA was terrible and panned. So no !

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No. No one likes The Dark Knight Strikes Again. But I wouldn't mind an animated Long Halloween film.

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Whats wrong with Batmite?

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I doubt it. It hasn't got nearly the following DKR and Year One have. And the art is horrific. Can we please have old Frank Miller back? I miss him so.

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The Dark Knight Strikes Again is a wonderful book. If they did make it into a movie, my only hope would be that they didn't cut out or change much or anything. Art is subjective. If you think the art is horrific, fine. But the story is amazing. I just don't think people appreciate or even understand the subversive nature of what's being said about the nature of government, legitimate vs. illegitimate authority, and power. DKSA is one of the most thought provoking comics I've ever read. While I'm generalizing here (and it certainly doesn't apply to everyone), I've found that more often than not comic readers (people who read comics and nothing else) don't like to have to think too hard about what they're reading. And I say this as a lover of this form of art. So scathe me or DKSA if you like, but please, please don't challenge yourselves to have to think about what you're reading. I wouldn't want anyone out there to hurt themselves.

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