The Dark Knight Returns: Part Two REVIEW

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What can I say about this movie? Breath-taking. The best Batman Animated film out there. I prefer Marvel Live-Action Movies but I've always prefered the DC animated movies. Up til now The Dark Knight Returns: Part One and Batman:Under the Red Hood were my favourites. This one was amazingly over the top. It was dark, incredibly violent and full of suspense. The writers have done amazing for this project. We also got to see plenty of familiar faces throughout the course of the movie. As a fan of both films and comics I am begging you to see this movie! 5/5!

#2 Posted by DKBix (12 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman Mask of The Phantasm is better IMO

#3 Posted by ComicStooge (15019 posts) - - Show Bio

Is it out yet?

#4 Edited by PortlandsBatman (210 posts) - - Show Bio

@ComicStooge: You can get it on iTunes now and on DVD on the 29th.

#5 Posted by gotwillpower (679 posts) - - Show Bio

I really like how each of the Dark Knight Returns movies came out. Batman animation in general is top notch, and these films raise the bar.

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