TDKR- Catwoman's suit.

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So, most of you have probably already seen Catwoman's suit in TDKR. And if not, here it is. Also, a comparison to the comic version.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
So, what do you guys think of it? Personally, i think it just looks bad. Sure, she's dressed in black, but that's the only thing Catwoman-like about her. Where's the pointy eared head-piece? And why is she on a Bat-Pod? I don't know...Nolan has always strayed pretty far from the classic character outfits, but this is just too far. So again, what do you guys think?

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It's a good thing I clicked this thread or else I probably wouldn't have saw the pictures for another day or two. I can't exactly judge yet though since most of the costume you can't see due to the motorcycle in the way.
EDIT: Just saw there were other pictures I love how the costume isn't revealing Anne Hathaway looks beautiful in the suit.

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I read on a site that another site said that she would be wearing a cowl/mask but if this info is reliable I don't know. i hope because there isn't really anything "cat" about her.

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So far, I think it looks terrible. If she gets a cowl, it'd be better.
I'm not even excited to see Catwoman in Rises either, it also doesn't help that I've always hated Anne Hathaway.

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Very lame.

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she said it's a tenth wath the catsuit really is (I know pretty weird description) but I trust Nolan.

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I bet they are going with more of a Cat Burglar look rather than an actual "Cat".

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They killed her Silhouette-----it'd be like taking away Batmans pointy ears or Indiana Jones Hat (then it's just Han Solo)-----you lose the silhouette you lose the character!
Think Mickey Mouse without his ears or Bart Simpson without the spikes!!
It's not catwoman without her cat ears!   Especially compared to the Arkham City Costume this movie Costume SUCKS!

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Yeah, it sucks hard, what else is there to say ?

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