Stupid list

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Yeah. How dare they only give Batman 20% of the villains on this list?! There is no way that there are 8 other characters in the history of comics that could possibly be as crazy as anyone that he has faced.

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just look at the list.

half of them are not even as good as two face and I'm not even a batman fanboy. people around here would know.

but when I saw the list I was thinking at least 5. Ventriloquist, Joker, Harley Quinn, Black Mask, Two Face.

All of Batman's villain are a psychotic stereotype and many of them are what I consider the craziest.

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most villains are crazy. there are a lot of villains.

do the math.

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I have to disagree the list is pretty reasonable!

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Giving Batman 2 of the 10 is more than enough, as I feel some essential arch-villains are left of this list. The thing that really surprises me is the choice of Black Mask. I like the villain, but there are many more deserving. Two Face or Hush, for example.

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Black Mask is kind of a lame underwhelming choice, for sure.

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I like this list, all these villains deserve a spot. I also Love how the guardians of the universe are on this list. they are the reason I can't read GL any more.

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All that matters is Joker got #1

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@sethysquare: I really wouldn't trust Newsarama on lists or reviews. Some of the things I read from them just anger me. They've said things about good characters/comics that just seem rude and dumb. To me, I say let them believe whatever weird stuff they want.

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Really? Black Mask? What about the Riddler?

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I would at least have 4 batman villians imo

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I dont agree with the list. Lex luthor should be on there

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that list is definitely messed up.

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@Eternal19 said:

I dont agree with the list. Lex luthor should be on there

Lex is more of obsessed than crazy,well he is definitely evil

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I sort of agree with it.

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Atleast Joker is #1 . Like how the Governer is in the List.

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I agree with Purple Man, Green Goblin, Joker, and a few others.

Black Mask? Guardians? This list isn't 100% correct though.

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