Stories that answer the tough questions?

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So for me a story that really goes above and beyond is a story that tries to tackle a tough question that people have. In the case of Batman there are a lot of questions that are difficult to answer. Why does Batman put children in danger by having sidekicks? Why doesn't Batman kill? Why doesn't Batman use guns? Why does he dress like a Bat? Why does he fight crime? etc.

And there are other questions that get asked for superheroes in general. What motivates you to use your powers to fight crime? Why not use your powers to solve other world issues? Whats stopping you from taking over?

So then I got to thinking what Batman stories actually tried to tackle these questions. I have two amazing stories that I could think of!

Justice - It was a mini series that was absolutely mind blowing. It tackles the question on why superheroes don't use their powers to help different world issues. It starts off showing super villains feeding the hungry, providing shelter, etc. Things superheroes could do but they don't.

Batman: Under the Red Hood - Omg the question that resonates with me the most was from Jason Todd. "If you loved me, why is he (the Joker) still alive" That is a tough one and I remember reading how the Batman totally wanted to kill him and was going to when Superman stopped him. But that is a big question why keep him, or any other crazed villain alive.

Batman: Year One - Amazing origin story that captures why Batman does what he does, why he works outside of the law and not within it

So that got me to think what other stories try to tackle (and do a good job) at answering these tough questions?

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JLA Tower of Babel. Nearly split the JLA, heck the superhero world in two, yet it brought up a very good question on whether or not Batman had gone too far and exactly how far heroes should go when it comes to policing themselves.

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The Killing Joke - it explored if anyone could be broken, and turned "crazy". And after torturing both Babs and Gordon, they both came out of it sane. I honestly think it answers the questions whether if villains are justified in their crimes due to what created them.

Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on a Serious Earth, is Batman crazy?

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Batman: Venom deals with how much batman is willing to fight crimes even get addicted to drugs.

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@tupiaz: Oooh good one! Was there ever a story that ever explored what laws are ok for Batman to break and what is crossing a line?

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Venom is a good one. There's one story (I can't for the life of me remember the name of it) where Joker's being tried for a crime and Batman finds out he's innocent and then proves it, pretty sure this stopped Joker from being executed. Again I can't remember the name, but this one brings up questions of whether or not its ever ok to let a villain die for a crime they didn't commit, due to them having committed previous crimes, and though it wasn't really answered it brings up the idea of where the line is for letting a villain get away with said crimes again and again. <-Touched on again in the Hush story line I believe where Batman's beating on the Joker and Gordon stops him.

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@Nathaniel_Christopher: ooo that sounds like an awesome story! And I think all these stories hardly answer the questions, but they definitely address them.

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@batshrine: Well Batman was thinking that taking the venom was crossing the line since it made him loose control and react in anger.

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Is there any story that address if Batman's rogues exist because of Batman?

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Hmm im reading LOTDK: Testament, and its a pretty nice story so far!

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