(Spoilers for Batwing) Batman's Super Supporting Characters

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Does it strike you odd that Batman is getting a new sidekick that just so happens to be the child of a supporting character?

And no I am not talking about Barbara Gordon, but the new Batwing.

Don't get me wrong I am excited for the new Batwing, but doesn't it seem kind of lame that his supporting characters seem to have prodigal children? What do you guys think?

(oh and again I actually think Luke becoming Batwing is REALLY good, just one small nitpick)

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@batshrine: who's his dad? I don't read Batwing but I'm curious

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Luke will probably be more of a partner in crimefighting rather than a sidekick. I actually think that this idea is really cool, and I like how it ties into Batman Beyond. I'm really looking forward to how this goes.

@akindoodle: Lucius Fox.

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@the_tree: cool. Wait, what's he doing in the Congo?

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@akindoodle: He wasn't in the Congo in this issue, he hasn't even been approached about being Batwing yet. I guess we'll find out with issue 20.

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i think he's a really cool character, just kinda unoriginal.

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