Should The Absence come back?

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As a villain I think she has a unique gimmick that lets her stand out amongst Batman's rogues and I would like to see her resurface in the new 52. I haven't read the issues that she appears in, but based on her ComicVine page I think she sounds like a pretty cool villain. I could imagine her as a serial killer who targets woman who show an interest in Bruce Wayne. She doesn't even need to be a former girlfriend of Bruce, she could be like the new Mr. Freeze and just think that she dated Bruce. They could certainly use her as an excuse to get rid of some of the numerous love interests of Bruce, while at the same time re-introducing some of the more obscure characters back into Batman, like Phantasm (Andrea Beaumont). But like I said, I haven't read the actual arc yet, so what do you guys think: was she interesting enough to bring back or should she be forgotten about?

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Eew, no. She had easily the worst arc in the entire Batman & Robin series.

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No way! I agree with The_Tree that it was the worst arc in batman and robin, besides there are much more interesting characters to bring back than that one.

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