Should I read Gaiman's Whatever Happened to the cape crusader

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Just wondering if it would make sense. Does this story take place elsewhere in the dc unviserse? Will it make sense to readers who don't know a huge amount about the dark knight? Is what happens in this comic relative to the main dc community? I know it's a lot of questions but I very curious. Please reply.

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If you want to...

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One of my favorite Batman stories. I highly recommend it.

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it is one of my faves, but it has nothing to do with new 52, so it might confuse u if u dont know about before flashpoint,,,

i loved it and it has something to do with batman rip, batman return of bruce wayne, etc...

it is very beautiful and heart breaking

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@barryallen12345_: First you have to read,Batman R.I.P to understand that... well whatever happened with caped crusader isn't a continuity and don't follow Grant Morrison's run (Gaiman's word) but but when you read you will see a connection, which was written by accident and accepted as if it were connected with Batman R.I.P.

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