should Dick Grayson become Batman again?????

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So Scott Snyder has a new major story coming up about Bruce becoming Batman, and it got me thinking about Black Mirror. I loved that story. I think a lot of us did. I wasn't a fan of Death of a Family. I think it fell short, and even tho it was only 3 months, with all the tie-ins it seemed to go on forever. But Snyder has been killing it at Batman. Night of Owls was pretty good, but Court of Owls was epic. Capullo blew us away with his style. Black Mirror tho..................Black Mirror was shockingly great. It showed Dick taking over for Bruce. At first I kept having a feeling of "No one can take over as Batman." Snyder did a great job of showing Dick come into his own. It was interesting to see that Dick easily fell into his roll as the Dark Knight and that he could have surpassed Bruce. Then Bruce came back and to everyones surpise Dick remained as Batman. The idea worked too. Having 2 Batmans. I liked the idea. I thought it was going to stay this way for a while. Then the new 52 happened and Dick went back to being Nightwing in much shittier costume. I don't dig the red in his suit as much as the blue one. It didn't make sense to me. The whole Dick being his own guy thing is stale. He doesn't have to prove himself anymore. To himself or anyone. Being coming Nightwing again is like Wally West becoming Kid Flash again. It's just stupid. I'd like to see Dick become Batman again. I wonder if anyone else feels that way.

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I never liked the idea of Dick being Batman, I haven't read Black Mirror yet , but I have read other books when Dick was Batman. Dick needs to stay as Nightwing, and Wally as Kid Flash. I don't know how they would do that considering Bart is Kid Flash, and in the Teen Titans. It also provides a good mystery for him, he supposed to be from the future.

I also like that Nightwing's costume is red, it brings something from his time as being Robin to his new costume, as does every past robin Jason and Tim.

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In a word, no.

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Never. He has his own identity,why would he go after Bruce's. Anyway I do think Wally should not be Flash but he shouldn't be kid flash either,that's like making him Robin i.e. a sidekick. He should be his own man with his own new identity. There should be some similarities between his powers and costume with the other flashes but it should be different enough to keep him apart from them. He should have his own superhero name too like maybe lightning or bolt or how about lightning bolt, anyway he should not be anything like flash, kid flash, quick flash etc. anything but flash.

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No. Nightwing is the manifestation of Grayson's super persona. Keep these heroes as they are.

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Personally I really liked it when Dick and Bruce were Batman simultaneously. ala Black Mirror.

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Not without Damian.



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The Nightwing title has less meaning in the reboot, so I could care less if Dick becomes Batman.

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I liked Dick AS Batman, but Bruce IS Batman.

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I've said this before and I'll probably say it again

if you think that Dick going back to being Nightwing was a step down then you don't understand the character

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@ccraft: you should really read lack Mirror. It's a really good Batman story, but it's cool to see how Dick does come into becoming Batman. I never though I'd like Dick as Batman either, but this particular story changed my mind on that.

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@danhimself said:

If you think that Dick going back to being Nightwing is a step down, then you really don't understand the character.


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Absolutely not.

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I liked Dick as Batman especially with Damian as robin. But since Damian is dead nope.

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Hell no. Never again.

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If Batman had stayed dead,I couldn't have seen anyone else take up the mantle.

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I liked Dick as Batman but I don't think he should go back. Dick becoming Nightwing in the first place was his stepping out of Bruce's shadow and becoming his own man. And while his tenure as Batman was interesting as a temporary evolution, Nightwing is who he is and is his way of being his own man, not a protege of Bruce or a stand-in for him.

That doesn't mean Dick going back to being Nightwing should just mean everything returning to the way it was pre-Bruce's "death". I haven't been reading New 52 Nightwing but I hope Dick's return to being Nightwing has touched upon the idea of Dick being is own man and that he shows that he has grown from being Batman and is incorporating that growth into his Nightwing persona.

Side note: I prefer the blue costume but it doesn't much matter to me.

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Take 3?


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No. Maybe give Tim a go at being the Batman.

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@Jack Donaghy said:

In a word, no.


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No one can truly replace Batman, So... NO.

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Personally, I much preferred Dick as Batman over Bruce, at least in the short term. He was fresh and exciting as Batman; Batman and Robin was the best Batman run in a long time, and I loved the Dick/Damian dynamic.

And people saying that him going back to being Nightwing isn't a demotion? From a character standpoint, you're right, but there is more to it than that. As Batman, Dick had top-of-the-line writers, his own Justice League, two solo titles plus Batman and Robin...he had all this stuff that DC editorial would never give to Nightwing. Hell, you know Mark Waid's hugely successful Daredevil run that's going on right now? He originally wanted to do Nightwing, but DC editorial didn't let him; Mark Waid is too big a name to be put on Nightwing. That's why going back to being Nightwing is a demotion. The role of Nightwing keeps Grayson from getting the top tier talent he deserves as one of the oldest, most well-developed and successful characters in comics.

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Nah, Batman should always be Bruce.

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@blackreaper: He tried that once, he couldn't handle it and believed Dick should have been him from the start.

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No. The only person who should be Batman (aside from Bruce) is Terry McGinnis, but he shouldn't be Batman until Bruce is old and retired. Dick is doing fine as Nightwing and has such an awesome costume.

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Absolutely not.

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Dick is "a" bird, not "the" Bat.

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