Script for 'The Dark Knight Rises'

#1 Posted by comicsanity016 (39 posts) - - Show Bio Am reading this now. It's even better than the movie! I know there are a ton of plot holes we've been discussing and throwing around, but given the scope of the film and what Nolan was trying to do, I think it all came together pretty nicely and was a good way to end the trilogy. The script is great so far and I'm hoping things make more sense by the end than in the film. Maybe it was just a matter of not executing things correctly, although that doesn't seem like something Nolan would do. I'll report back at the end of the read.

#2 Posted by Twentyfive (2845 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman 3 was largely unimpressive to me. I knew that it wouldn't be better than 2.

#3 Posted by JoeEddie (484 posts) - - Show Bio

It would be interesting to read. However, I do not want to download anything.

#4 Posted by Band Lone (1774 posts) - - Show Bio

Plot holes? Can someone link me to those discussions?

#5 Posted by Metatron_Da_Don (1029 posts) - - Show Bio

The movie was so riveting that I almost teared up I kid you not. Batman falls and then he rises in an allegory for mankind.Plot holes?

Bah Humbug to you good sir!

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