Rewatching The Dark Knight Trilogy

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Thanks for reading! I'm not sure if having Bruce make two comebacks was a crucial mistake; as it made sense from a storytelling perspective (hero returns, hero is defeated and must overcome, hero defeats), but you might be on to something. For me, personally, I didn't draw the connection between there being two 'comebacks', so it didn't feel redundant or diminishing for me.

And yeah, it definitely is one of the best movie trilogies of this century. Nolan and crew elevated the superhero movie into an art form.

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@Reignmaker: I disagree with your third point. TDKR isn't the last hurrah for Batman, it is the end of Bruce Wayne's story. It goes back to BB where his initial idea for becoming Batman was to become a symbol that couldn't be corrupted or destroyed. That's why at the end of TDKR there is a new Bat-Signal on top of MCU and why he gives John Blake coordinates to the entrance to the cave, so that he can carry on being the symbol against injustice.

#53 Posted by Reignmaker (2363 posts) - - Show Bio

@tjs4759: I agree that the mantle of Batman was meant to carry on in the movie. I don't see how anyone who watched it could have missed that.

I was referring to "real life" when I mentioned this being the last hurrah. Nolan, Bale, and the rest of the cast frequently referred to this installment as the definitive END to the trilogy. So they give us a two and a half hour movie with maybe 45-50 minutes of actual Batman. Ok, maybe it was more than that, but it sure didn't feel like it.

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I think The Dark Knight is the weakest, TDKR is my first, and Batman Begins is a solid second

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