Ra's, Joker, or Bane- Which did you like the most?

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 Oh, then what about Scarecrow, Two-Face, and Talia? 
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That's a tough one for me, they are my three favorite batman villains. Liam Nieeson was fantastic as Ra's, but I do wish he got more screen time in Begins. Ledger's portrayal of Joker was sensational and horrific at the same time. Was very impressed with the job he did, especially because I hated the idea of him playing Joker when he was originally cast. I liked Nolan's more realistic vision of Bane more so than the over the top one you see in like Arkham City. Tom Hardy was wonderful as Bane, He was menacing and vicious. The fight scenes he had in Rises were by far the best of the Trilogy. If I'm going with sheer individual performance, I've got to go with Heath Ledger as the Joker. Favorite villain interpretation, Ra's loses out to Bane simply because he did not have a great amount of screen time.

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I personally liked Two Face the best.

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The Agent of Chaos and Two-Face.

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My favorite was Two-Face, simply because Aaron made Harvey so dark at the end after being so positive and upbeat in the movie. Second is a three way tie between Bane, Joker and Ra's. All such great acting.

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They were all fantastic, but Heath Ledger's Joker stands out the most.

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I know I'm in the minority, but I think that the Joker was a little overhyped. My preference of the villains in order goes:

1. Bane 2. Two-Face 3. Joker 4. Ra's 5. Scarecrow 6.Talia Al Ghul

I loved the top 5 though, so the ranking is in no way a reflection of not liking them. Talia is the only one I wasn't crazy about.

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  1. Ra's al Ghul
  2. Joker
  3. Bane
  4. Scarecrow
  5. Talia al Ghul
  6. Two-Face
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joker but i really liked bane

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But Bane was awesome.

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Bane, Hardy's performance was amazing. Joker in a really close second.

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@Deranged Midget said:

They were all fantastic, but Heath Ledger's Joker stands out the most.


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Bane, for me. I think Ledger's Joker is overrated. Good, but overrated.

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@buttersdaman000: Joker and Two Face not even a real contest. ra's was in the film so little it hard to even say he was the bad guy falcone was more so.

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2: Bane and Ra's are tied

3: the rest

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@k4tzm4n said:

@Deranged Midget said:

They were all fantastic, but Heath Ledger's Joker stands out the most.


I second 'This.'

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Dont consider Two-Face to be a villain in this series,same goes for Catwoman.

Performance wise Ledger is still at the top.

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Joker. Bane was fantastic, but Joker was the best, in my opinion.

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Joker. Joker. Joker.

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Joker, Ra's, Two-Face, then Bane. Bane was the low point of TDKR to be honest.

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joker is the best villain ever

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Personally, I think Bane was one of the high points of TDKR.His voice, brutality, and intelligence just made for a imposing villain in a way the Joker could never be. I may change my views on this later, but he is my favorite villain of the trilogy. 
- Bane 
- Ra's 
- Joker 
- Talia 
- Two-Face 
- Scarecrow 
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I think Joker was my favorite, followed very closely by Bane. I thought Scarecrow was awesome, just wish he had had more screen time.

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Joker, Bane, then Two Face in my opinion.

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Bane, but I'm also a sucker for Tom Hardy's acting work. Ledgers Joker is a close second. With Liam's Ra's a third place,

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1. Joker 
2. Bane 
3. Scarecrow 
4. Ra's Al Ghul 
5. Two Face 
6. Talia Al Ghul

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@k4tzm4n said:

@Deranged Midget said:

They were all fantastic, but Heath Ledger's Joker stands out the most.


Seconded, also Aaron Eckhart was highly underrated as Harvey Dent. I thought he was great.

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All of them were brilliant.

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1. Joker

2. Bane

3. Ra's

4. Scarecrow

5. Two-Face

6. Talia

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^^^ win

1. Bane- Hardy did such a great job in portraying Bane. He was intelligent, calculating, ruthless, brutal, and had the best fight scenes in the trilogy.

2. Two Face: Eckhart is severely underrated in that performance

3. Joker- Ledger is a little overrated in his performance. Is it great? Absolutely. It's not overwhelmingly great the more I see the movie though. I think Ledger's death had a lot to do with people's acclaim for him.

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Bane. He was the only good character of the three. Ra's the worst.

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@Tyler Starke said:

1:Joker agree

2: Bane and Ra's are tied (is it because they had the same plan?)

3: the rest

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Joker then the other two are tied.

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bane (damn fine performance)


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@Deranged Midget said:

They were all fantastic, but Heath Ledger's Joker stands out the most.

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Loved Ra's al Ghul!

Loved his preaching about controling fear and all that jazz, very inspiring

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@The Stegman said:

1. Joker 2. Bane 3. Scarecrow 4. Ra's Al Ghul 5. Two Face 6. Talia Al Ghul


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Joker was obviously the best. Bane was pretty cool too.

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Villain wise, Ra's. Performance-wise, Bane. Tom Hardy did a phenomenal job. Heath Ledger was good, I'm not saying he wasn't, but it was a tad overrated.

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Ra's is my favourite villain of the three, but in the films I'd choose Joker, Bane then Ra's. Love Tom Hardy. Scarecrow was awesome too.

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When it comes to acting Heath Ledger's Joker wins no doubt. If it comes to my personal favorite, Bane Wins. Followed by Joker, then Two-Face

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Ra's, he was easily the smartest of the bunch and had reasons which he could defend for why he wanted to do things. Bane seemed more of a pawn, and Joker should have been taken out much easier but Bruce is restrained when it comes to him.

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Bane was my favourite, but Joker was the best. Makes sense right? ;p

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