Proof of a Lazarus Pit?

#1 Posted by comicsanity016 (73 posts) - - Show Bio Is this really a Lazarus Pit? Regardless, it's a cool article on how Nolan might interpret the LP in TDKR. Definitely rooting for a kayakala-type Lazarus Pit, but after seeing the new trailer about a thousand times it looks like he'll interpret it more realistically (if at all). The pit Bruce is climbing out of could be Nolan's interpretation of the Lazarus Pit.

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The Bareshnum is a ritual bath that provides personal purification. While it can be performed for any Zoroastrian who has been seriously defiled, today it is generally only done for those who are preparing for priestly ordination, priests who have been defiled in some way, and corpse bearers, as corpses are considered particularly defiling and corrupt in Zoroastrianism.

The ritual is performed in the Bershnumgah, an area of a fire temple dedicated specifically for this purpose. The specific area is marked off by drawing a stick through the sandy ground and then by groups of stones. The receiver is required to be nude for the bath, and two priests perform the ceremony after they themselves have ritually bathed.

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