People who should play Batman next.

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My type of Batman is the type you see in Bruce Timm's Batman conceptions. My all-time vision of Bruce Wayne is the one from Batman : The Animated Series.

And the one we all should be familiar with.... The legit one from the comics

And the comic's batman is just about identical with The Animated Series one just take away some detail and they're a match.

Now its quite hard to find actors who look like this. You might say yeah there are actors who look this way, but don't forget the build they have to be.

They have got to be between 6 ft. 1.5 inch. and 6ft. 3inch. to land a really good Bruce. Remember George Clooney's Batman? I mean he had a really good face description but the height? Come on! He's only 5' 10"!

See he does look like an epic Bruce Wayne. If only we didn't have to make weird camera angles to make him look taller and if only we didn't ruin his Batman chance with Batman and Robin movie.

Micheal Keaton was by far one of the best Bruce Wayne's ever, we all know that , but unfortunately he also is to damn short to be Batman. Just like George he's 5' 10". Sucks don't it. Although he was short he did have a great face for Bruce and put together some of the greatest Batman movies.

Now in case you didn't know Batman's first movie hit the big screen in 1943. The name of the movie is...... Batman!

The man who plays Bruce is named Lewis Wilson.

Here he is.

Looks perfect doesn't he?

Then in 1949 they made another Batman movie called Batman & Robin. The star of this movie is Robert Lowery.

Here he is.

He also looks like the perfect Batman as well!

Now my choices for Bruce back then would have been.....

Humphrey Bogart!

Now he was (and in my opinion is the one and only) one of the best actors ever! He looks like the perfect Bruce Wayne and has a ton of swagger and style to be a Bruce, but he also was really short he was 5' 9"! Holy shit he was small.

My other choice would be...

James Cagney!

He's the ultimate badass actor of his time and i would think of him to be a great Batman.

But then again he's super short.... 5' 5"! Damn he's almost a damn midget!

But sadly these four great actors will never be the next Dark Knight. Now let's quit talking about these great actors that could have been a great Batman, and go on to actors that should do the next batman movies to come. Now remember we need 6' 1.5" - 6' 3".

1. Jonn Hamm

Jonn Hamm is my first choice for a great Dark Knight. He's won over 30 acting awards and several Emmys. He's not quiet in a height range at the height of 6' but he looks like a perfect Bruce.

2. Eric Dane

Doesn't he look like a good Bruce? I think so and he's 6' 1" which is great. I really haven't seen any of his movies but i have seen him in Grey's Anatomy and in my opinion he did a great job acting. He's another one i think should be in the new Batman movies to come.

3. Hugh Jackman

Now just because he played wolverine doesn't mean he can't play The Caped Crusader. He's 6' 2" and ripped and could be a perfect Bruce, we all know he can. He's great actor and has shown he can be in action films so I think he is another top choice for me.

4. Christian Bale

We all know that he played all of Christoper Nolan's Batman movies and did an incredible job, but the main reason he is on my list is that he probably won't do the new Batman movies to come. He is a crazy good Bruce and with little more hair taken off the back would of made him the perfect Crusader ever to do a movie. He is ranked as the best Batman ever and I also think he should be. He couldn't have done a better job in his trilogy as The Dark Knight.

5. Ben Affleck

Some of you might disagree, but I really think he'd make a great Batman. He's 6' 2" and a pretty good actor. He did an awesome job in The Town. He even wrote it and directed it. I really think he'd make a great Bruce and hope you'll back me up on that.

6. Ioan Gruffudd

Okay now he's 5' 11" but looks like he could be a good Batman. We saw him in the Fantastic Four movies, and from my opinion his acting was so so. He doesn't really have that hard-ass act to him like The Dark Knight does either, but maybe with a little acting coaching that could change.

Well that's my list for best possible actors and maybe you guys could think of some better ones. I apologize for my horrible writing but i just wanted to put my opinion on the new actor of Batman issue and i hope everybody will accept my opinion and share it. Thank you very much for reading.=)

Leave in the comments who you think could also play Batman.

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Humphrey Bogart batman would wear a black trench coat.

#2 Posted by Superguy0009e (2404 posts) - - Show Bio

Joesph Gordon-Levitt

#3 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (82980 posts) - - Show Bio

@Superguy0009e said:

Joesph Gordon-Levitt

#4 Posted by Chaos Prime (11585 posts) - - Show Bio

Viggo Mortesen would make a great Batman imo

#5 Posted by The_Tree (8607 posts) - - Show Bio

Jon Hamm would've been a perfect choice for Batman.

#7 Posted by BiteMe-Fanboy (8848 posts) - - Show Bio

smh... Not Joseph Gordon Levitt.

#8 Posted by r3d_rob1n (543 posts) - - Show Bio

Hamm for sure. Though they will probably try and go for a younger actor so they can sign for multiple movies with no worries of age. I wouldn't be opposed to an unknown if he could do the job right

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I think Batman should take a break.
TDKR was just that awesome.

#10 Posted by BATinc (23 posts) - - Show Bio

@Noctis: yeah he would make a pretty good Batman but whats gonna happen if they use him for green lantern in a JLA movie? We'd be screwed!

#11 Posted by Deranged Midget (18236 posts) - - Show Bio

Michael Fassbender would play a spectacular Bruce Wayne/Batman.

#12 Edited by Zomboid (754 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't see why you're stressing height as THAT big of a deal, as long as they're around 6 feet give or take. In my opinion, Bale was the perfect Bruce. It'll be interesting to see who takes on the cowl next.

#13 Posted by tjs4759 (43 posts) - - Show Bio

I go with Jim Caviezel, sadly he is probably a little too old. Maybe if they make a Dark Knight Returns movie. Michael Fassbender is my second choice.

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I am not sure about Ioan, he is a pretty good actor though despite FF.  He was pretty good as Lancelot in King Arthur. 

#15 Posted by TheThe (1819 posts) - - Show Bio

Idriss Elba

#16 Posted by buttersdaman000 (13982 posts) - - Show Bio

Jon Hamm is Superman, not Batman. But out of your choices I would either go with Ben Affleck or Hugh Jackman. 

#17 Posted by johnkmccubbin91 (3897 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Michael Fassbender as well as hes a great actor and look at this pic it makes sense

Plus Jackman would probably do ok as well but I dont like actors playing multiple comic characters

#18 Posted by gravitypress (2102 posts) - - Show Bio

Terry Crews

#19 Posted by Imagine_Man15 (1809 posts) - - Show Bio

Ashton Kutcher

(And no, I'm not serious)

#20 Posted by Shamelesslysupportinaznballers (553 posts) - - Show Bio

Clint Eastwood as Bruce in Batman Beyond

#21 Posted by haydenclaireheroes (10503 posts) - - Show Bio

@Gambler said:

@Superguy0009e said:

Joesph Gordon-Levitt


#22 Posted by Vulshock (166 posts) - - Show Bio

If Mark Wahlberg was taller, I could see him kick butt in the costume. Michael Fassbender would be cool as Bruce Wayne, but I'm not sure it would work when he's in costume. It's just so hard to pick just one actor. It all depends on how lighthearted or how dark the next bat movies are going to be.

#23 Posted by Superdork (1035 posts) - - Show Bio

Armie Hammer. He's tall, he's buff, and he can act. Oh, and did I mention that he was cast as Batman in Justice League: Mortal?

#24 Posted by vandinejd_1991 (493 posts) - - Show Bio

This may seem a bit of a stretch but what about Tom Jane the guy who played Punisher in the 2004 movie.

#25 Posted by Saucedo17 (137 posts) - - Show Bio

Viggo Mortesen

#26 Posted by eatmore_payless (2365 posts) - - Show Bio

@gravitypress said:

Terry Crews

more like Blackman than Batman to me,

(im not being racist)

#27 Posted by ComicStooge (18588 posts) - - Show Bio

@eatmore_payless said:

@gravitypress said:

Terry Crews

more like Blackman than Batman to me,

(im not being racist)

That is a bit racist.

#28 Posted by gravitypress (2102 posts) - - Show Bio

I just think they need to try a fresh aproach for the next movie.

#29 Posted by eatmore_payless (2365 posts) - - Show Bio

@gravitypress said:

I just think they need to try a fresh aproach for the next movie.

they should really consider this actor: his performance on the movie Wanted and X-Men First Class was excellent

James McAvoy

And note he is still young. The Only Problem is he is just 5'8'' in height.

#30 Posted by JonSmith (4334 posts) - - Show Bio

Hugh Jackman wouldn't make a good Batman. Not because of a failure on acting, he'd do great in the role itself, but everyone who watches him would be thinking the entire time "Wolverine Wolverine Wolverine". he already has an iconic comic character to his name, whom he is practically synonymous with. The two are so connected already he can't be brought back for any other character.

Ioan Gruffudd would also not be a good Batman. As you said, not enough of a bada**. He doesn't have the physicality for the role, hence why he made such a good (relatively speaking in context of the movies) Reed Richards: He has that scientist, spends all his time in a lab, feel to him.

Short of Christian Bale, I don't know who could play Batman. Though I'm leaning towards Michael Fassbender.

#31 Posted by Saucedo17 (137 posts) - - Show Bio

It's time for Batman to join with Ryan Reynolds fffeeel the Renolds-ing

#32 Posted by KraytRawk (697 posts) - - Show Bio

Perfect choice for batman. The guy is tall, buff, and has a good voice for it.

#33 Posted by KraytRawk (697 posts) - - Show Bio

@ComicStooge said:

@eatmore_payless said:

@gravitypress said:

Terry Crews

more like Blackman than Batman to me,

(im not being racist)

That is a bit racist.

dont start it. Its only offensive if you let it..

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@gravitypress: he can play Nighthawk (Marvel's African-American clone of Batman).

#35 Posted by thespideyguy (2771 posts) - - Show Bio

roger moore would make an awesome campy noirish bruce wayne

#36 Posted by Noctis (1415 posts) - - Show Bio
@BATinc said:

@Noctis: yeah he would make a pretty good Batman but whats gonna happen if they use him for green lantern in a JLA movie? We'd be screwed!

Not unless they chose to go with, John Stewart.
#37 Posted by Noctis (1415 posts) - - Show Bio
@eatmore_payless: I could be wrong but I don't think  James McAvoy, can pull off Batman.
#38 Posted by monkeyonurback_ (95 posts) - - Show Bio

you're WAY too hung up on height! remember robert downey jr was like 2 inches shorter than gwyneth paltrow. camera tricks, man! as for who? i have no idea :P

#39 Posted by SocialBat (41 posts) - - Show Bio

For some reason I want to see Edward Norton as Batman. I know he doesn't look the part but he is such a great actor.

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