Original Batman Comic Book No. 13, Published by DC in 1941

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Hey all,
I'm sure i'll get flamed for this post, but i figured i'd post it anyways.
About 15 years ago, I was handed from my Grandfather #13 of the Original Batman Comic books, pubished in 1941 by DC.
You can view the cover here: http://www.comicvine.com/batman-/37-120780/  .
Anyways, I figured this didn't deserve to get Ebay'ed, so I wanted to start here. 
I'm looking for someone interested in this comic.  It is in pretty horrible quality.  Someone taped it up trying to keep the pages from falling out and a lot of tears.
Even with the horrible condition (which is still a readable comic), it is a great collectable comic. 
I'd be willing to take a bunch of pictures and post them if anyone is seriously interested. I didn't want to do this until i was sure there were people actually interested in this comic.
Anyways, shoot me some messages if you are seriously interested.

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