Nolan vs Miller.

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Comic book writer, Famous for the Dark Knight Returns saga (which personally i did not like)


CHRISTOPHER NOLAN Director of various films (Batman saga, inception, memento.)

Who do you think had a better batman saga (even though Nolans interpretation was visual.)

Who do you like better?

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It's tough to say since Nolan borrowed so many ideas from some of the Miller stories. While I am not a fan of Dark Knight Strikes Again, and still hope to god that he wrote All Star as a satire, Year One and TDKR were good enough to make me vote Miller.

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i hated Dark knight returns and dark knight strikes again and his all-star batman and robin the boy wonder run. the only book i liked from him was batman:year one. im going with nolan

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Frank Miller's writing, frankly (no pun intended) deteriorated as time went on to the point where it's trash IMO. You went from great stuff like his Daredevil run and Year One to garbage like All Star and Strikes Again. Nolan wins for me.

@r3d_rob1n said:

and still hope to god that he wrote All Star as a satire,

IIRC, it was supposed to be a prequel to his Dark Knight books.

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Nolan, hands down. Both were fairly revolutionary takes on the character, and you gotta give Miller credit where credit is due, but really the only good thing he came out with was Year One and Dark Knight Returns. Nolan's big-screen take on Batman brought out the best in the character, and to a massive audience that brought in a huge fan base for Bats.

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If this is just Batman stuff then Nolan.

Miller easily otherwise.

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Miller for turning batman from a happy dude into the gritty batman we all love today, nolan is just a pretender to the throne

yes I mean that

don't reply or quote to the nolan statement

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Nolan, without question.


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