Nolan-esque characters

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Which characters do you think would be plausible for him to use, and how do you think they would be adapted?
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Yeah, they all makes sense, but I think Penguin is kinda in the 'Been there, done that' category.
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@Little_Miss_Kitty said:
"Yeah, they all makes sense, but I think Penguin is kinda in the 'Been there, done that' category. "

So is Joker and Two-face... So why Not Throw Penguin into that catagory? He's up there With the Major Bat-Villains!!
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Not like that; I meant that if you stripped away all of the unrealistic parts, isn't the penguin just another crime boss?
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@Little_Miss_Kitty said:
" Not like that; I meant that if you stripped away all of the unrealistic parts, isn't the penguin just another crime boss? "
If they did do penguin they'd have to incorporate the penguin character while making it realistic,and Since hes a crime boss he could hire another batman rogue as an assassin to add more to the movie
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Bane, if done correctly. He is an intelligent assasin who was, when he first appeared, kind of Batmans equal.
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i say zsasz. he'd make the plot move more towards a suspense/thriller instead of just pure action
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@ragdollpurps said:
"i say zsasz. he'd make the plot move more towards a suspense/thriller instead of just pure action "

He was in the first movie as a cameo so that could be a future plot device or maybe Riddler.  Id like to see prometheus
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Killer Croc would be kind of cool if its done right, but i would like to see Mr. Freeze. i have fond memories of Mr. Freeze in a movie, and if Nolan did it i think he could be kind of awesome

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Hush would be great.

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The problem with any of these is how do they move the story forward? How far after the events of the last film does this new film take place? Is Batman still hunted by the police? If he is then you would need a huge bad guy to terrorize the city allowing Batman to get back all that he lost in the last film. This would rule out Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman. The threat level they produce is just not large enough. Perhaps coming full circle Ra's Al Ghul could return with Talia(Batman love interest) at his side.
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Agreed on Hush & Bane. 
Maybe Azrael? Perhaps something along the lines of him getting too brutal with crooks (i.e. resorting to killing them) and Bruce deciding enough is enough.
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Black Mask

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As much as I love catwoman, i think it would be cool if she just showed up (as selina kyle) at the end. 
If they did Bane and Penguin, then they could add stuff like how apathetic gotham suddenly becomes to him
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Penguin, Black Mask, Riddler, Mad Hatter, the Ventriloquist- they'd all be AMAZING in the dark and broody Nolanverse
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Well you definitely need a female presence in the next film, so both selina kyle and talia al ghul are plausible at this point, but obviously they wouldn't really be the center of attention. I personally feel like Hush or Black Mask are good directions to go with the next film. I think Nolan's in a very...interesting place coming off of such a successful film. You could either go the safe route and pick a villain the public recognizes or you chance it and go with something that hasn't been done before. I'm the sort of person who likes to take chances, and I feel like going with a less publicly known villain for the films like Hush, rather then someone like Riddler, is going to create a much more interesting movie. Hush is a very intelligent and powerful foe, and I think if written well, he could make for a great villain on screen. I think you could play up the Batman v Hush and the Bruce Wayne v Tommy Elliot relationship. You could also do somewhat the same sort of play with Black Mask. The important thing I think is playing up the relationship the villain has with Bruce Wayne, creating a little drama for Bruce as well as Batman.

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Black Mask, Hush, Jane Doe, Talia al Ghul.

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i think bane , high steroid use , and experimental adrenal gland and pituitary gland ops so that they excrete high levels of adrenaline and various other hormones(brain biology isnt my field of expertise) so that his strength is constantly increased to 'superhuman' levels 
like how a women could lift the back end of a car off their child in times of stress, his body would be constantly producing this kind of chemical cocktail 
leaving him with awesome strength(as steroids and high natural strength also come into play) for the nolan universe 
what do you think people?  

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if martial arts action will be put in, lady shiva or david cain (since he raised cassie cain) would be a good choice. other than that the villains I would like to see are:

  • Catwoman
  • Poison Ivy
  • Harley Quinn
  • Bane
  • Hush
  • Riddler
  • Talia
  • Deadshot
  • Black Mask
  • or Penguin
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@Dracade102 said:



 I think it's the coloring, but if it wasn't for that Batman logo, I would have said that was Red Skull xD
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  If they did poison ivy i think they should make her like a beautiful, plant loving, sweet girl and also a sexy, violent, destructive girl kinda like two-face in some sense. Instead of what they did in Batman and Robin or whatever movie she was in; she should make like huge gigantic plants to kill and destroy; they should be as tall as the buildings of Gotham. And her appearence (im not just saying this because i am a guy) but she should have like dark hair with a green tint with dark lips and not red, and she should be naked wrapped in vines unlike the green suit thing Uma Thurman wore        

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Black Mask, undoubtedly. And seeing as that Black Mask is a crime lord, he could hire either Bane or Deadshot.

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