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Hello everyone,

I have been a reader of graphic novels for quite some time now and have been looking to get into monthly comics for a long time. So my question for you all is, if I wanted to read Batman stories but did not have money to buy all of the batman family comics monthly (Batman, Detective Comics, The Dark Knight, Batman and Robin, etc...) Would I still be able to get most of the story from just reading one line, and which one should I read. My first thought was just the Batman one but I'm not sure anymore if one of the other ones are better. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!

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Welcome @rjaultman: !

If you are starting from the New 52, I'd recommend going with Batman.

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Welcome! Of the new comics, regular Batman would be the best starting point. At the moment, due to the Death of the Family Crossover, many of the other batman comics are tied into it (batman and robin, detective, batgirl, nightwing, red hood etc) so if you bought another, you'd probably end up buying it anyway haha. If you want a standalone series Batman Inc and Batman: Dark Knight are both pretty good...I'd still go with Batman though.

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Batman Snyder is killing it, its great if you only go with one book make it Batman and you will not regret it.

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Ok thank you all for the advice! I will definitely start with Batman and work my way out!

@havoc1201: @Manbehindthewires: @Selinaky:

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@rjaultman: So Batman is definitely the best of them all. But to answer your question, they all have separate storylines so there is no "main" storyline. Batman has lead the past 2 cross overs though. And if you buy collected editions, I would recommend getting the first arc of Batman and Robin.

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@rjaultman: good luck! Batman #16 is out tomorrow. Be sure to post back on here after you read it to let us know what you think!

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You'll be fine if you stick with the core Batman title. The others are of (to put it mildly) highly variable quality and you don't need them to understand what happens in Batman.

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Ok thanks everyone!

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