New Robin!

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This is who the new Robin should be! I've always been a fan of Steph and she's greatly missed in the new universe! This redesign by Thomas Branch jump at me, screaming this is awesome and it feels right a older and more athletic Stephanie Brown would be a great addition to the comic... Of course this is just my personal opinion and what I'd do if I was writing the book!

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I think the same way.If there is another,new Robin it should be her but from now on I kinda prefer Batman on his own.

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- I highly disagree as i hate the likes of Stephanie Brown with a severe passion..

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why bring a female in a mans game...

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she should come back as spoiler

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Bring her back, but as Spoiler. I don't think there should be a Robin for a long time, since it seems unlikely Batman would take on someone with his son's alter ago after his son has died. But for now, if we see any team up, I'd like to see Red Robin with Batman more often. I understand his involvement with the Titans, but if Batman's in the JL, then we can surely have Red Robin in one book with Batman more often.

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Re-cripple Barbara and make Steph Batgirl again.

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If that happens,DC headquarters will burn.......

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Steph should never be robin again. If a female presence is brought to the robin mantle, it should without a doubt be Cassandra Cain. I mean where the hell is she anyways? She should've returned a long time ago. Besides her though, no one else should ever be robin again. Retire the mantle. Batman treats the robin identity more like a position that needs to be filled rather than a trustworthy companion.

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