New Batmans: What's what? and what'd I miss since '93

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Well I'm fairly new to comics, so I can't give you specific recommendations, but I do know that you've missed out on a lot :)

There are, IMO, two important periods from the late 2000s and 'till now: Morrisons run and the reboot. Grant Morrison has headed the development on Batman from 2008 or so, starting out with Batman & Son. There's a lot of stories in his arc, and one of them is still going on, though it will end soon (Batman Incorporated). You can read more about it all here, including trades, reading order and so forth There's a lot of crossover with the Final Crisis storyline, which involves the Justice League (major spoilers in the link): Or perhaps crossover is the wrong term, but Final Crisis influences the Batman stories a lot. I haven't read Final Crisis, aside from a couple synopses, and I'm following it ok-ish without having read them.

I haven't read all Morrison's trades yet (just got the rest of them the other day), but the first are very good. They introduce Damian Wayne, who has to be seen to be believed. I really love his character, because over the years since his introduction he has developed quite a lot as a person, and he adds a lot to the stories.

Then there's the new 52. DC has restarted everything, though the Batman universe has been to a lesser degree untouched. Batman is in a lot of comics - 6 or so, including Justice League. Not sure if you could call any of them more violent than others, or if there's one that's more gadgetry than others. Dark Knight is supposed to be darker than others, but I've heard that the current run isn't very good. There's an active thread on the Batman forum about it. Court of Owls is from the core Batman title, and it's very good. There's a little of everything: detective, fights, character building, good art.

Currently, there's Death in the Family, which runs primarily in Batman, but is used in pretty much all the other titles as well. It involves the Joker, and as the title implies there is a lot in the air with this story.

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So start with Batman 655-683 and then Batman (52) 1-12 ?

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Oh, my.

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Oh no

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If you want to jump back in, I'd honestly suggest just starting with the New 52 Batman books... less back-reading and easy to get caught up on continuity.

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I'll start with Detective Comics 14 and Batman 15 ;-)


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Don't start with Batman 15, its halfway through a story. just pick up the court of owls tpb

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