New 52 Batman Respect Thread (redone)

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In November 2011, the New 52 and now began a new direction was taken to the superheroes of DC, principally the most compromised hero and my favorite character: Batman

Let's take a look at the new Batman feats in this new universe:

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Batman 0

Character Profile

Manages to break into Red Hood Gang and disguise as one of their members

He has foldable high-velocity motorcycle.

Created his first gadget,the timer batrang.

Batman 1

Bruce has a E.M.P. mask connected to the mainframe which is able to mimic the voice and facial expressions of a person.

Batman singlehandle some Arkham inmates,until get a hand from Nightwing.

Developed a high-tech contact enses capable to remotely acess the Batcomputer.

The high tech contact lenses enables him to instantly perform facial recognition algorithms and read the lips of someone at distance.

Just by looking is able to deduce how long a man is dead and leave a message before died. Batsuit's gauntlet can run a DNA analysis.

Batman 2

One of the hijackers claims to have hit Batman with two pounds of explosives before escaping, but a few minutes later he returns to the persecution jumping on the helicopter.

Has a advanced photogrammetric scanner in city's morgue.

Suitless confronts a Talon in a straight up combat and ends having vital areas perfured with knives,while free falling gets wounded by Talon's claws but is still able hold his own an take out Talon.

Batman 3

Divert all attacks at point blank range and uses acrobatic skills to atrract them to a tight space,then use a small magnet gadget to subdue the Whisper Gang.,whose wears metal masks.

Has a lie detector program within the cowl.

Remembering information on the construction of Wayne Tower, deduces Talon was hidden within the building and Court of Owls have using Alan Wayne's funds to build their headquarters over the centuries.

Batman 4

Unaffected by a large dosage of sedative.

As a child he believed that there was more behind the murder of his parents and begins an investigation alone to find The Court of Owls.

Cowl's lenses is equipped with X-ray vision.

Batman 5 and 6

After being injured Bruce is trapped into a labyrinth without food and water,also is phsycologically tortured by the Court during days.

Stabbed and beaten to near death Bruce started stood up and fight back.

Bruce gives a beating to Talon,despite being in worst shape.

Only by the taste of water is able to deduce where he was being held prisoner and use a hidden slash of potassium chlorate to open a way out..

Batman 7

Through a thorough autopsy discovers the element known as Electrum and how it affects the Talon on a cellular level.

Bats has deduced that Richard Grayson was supposed to beginning of new generation of Talons,due William Cobb visted Grayson first and this encounter was nothing more than a test, to know he was able to serve the Court Of Owls.

Batman 8 and 9

The high tech contact lenses also has zooming thermal vision. Bruce wears earpieces to enhanced his auditory sense.

Demonstrate superior martial arts skills at point to surprise a Talon,althought they had two lifetimes of training and experience.

Uses battle armor by hi own design to fight 9 Talons all at once within the batcave although he's overpowered due to being too weakened beforehand on previous battles,but still manages to keep the at bay with a taser and cold based batrangs. Batman claims battle armor is made of a material thougher than kevlar and is designed to be used in the dangerous environments on Earth.

Take out 4 remaining Talons while enduring -20 degrees temperature,which is supossed to slow them down and yet Bruce don't demonstrate any sign effects.

Prepared a coolant to leave the Talons in a hibernation-like state.

Batman 10

Invades one of the safest building on Gotham,which is home of a member of Court of Owls.

The cape can act as glider.

Suspicious he gathers all the information about the Court of Owls and the recent death of members, immediately deduces that everything was orchestrated by a mysterious figure and follow a trail that leads to the Lincon March.

Batman 11

Show some moves against Talon,but is overhelmed due Lincon March is physically superior.

Pinned down against a building and a bel.

Fight with all strength to not be sucked into a aircraft's turbine. Place a small explosive into Talon's jet before the fight started.

High-velocity Bat-rope.

Blinds Talon (Lincon March). Apparently Batman manages to running off the building before fall completely and despite all trauma suffered is only with a broken leg.

Batman 12

Has several bat-boxes within the city in order to scramble video and signals to cover his tracks,besides that help Gotham's power grid.

Batman 13 and 14

Through the high-tech lenses scan Mayor's office and vital signs,also create 3-d holographic screens.

Gauntlets can run chemical analysis.

Trapped in a container full of the compounds that possibly have created the Joker,using a micro propulsor device get free without a scratch.

Batman 15

Tanked a explosion at point blank range.

Batman 16

Turned off Arkham Asylum's electricity with a E.M.P device installed on his belt. Use absorbing capsule to suck up the water around.

Dominate a entire section of Arkham fulled of armed guards by himself. Batsuit's gauntlets can shoot electricity as a taser.

Placed a overheat device in Victor's body armor.

Batman 17

Get free from Joker's trap throws a bullet like device on the top of the cave,hitting a pocket of water to extinguish the fire

Beaten Joker with a crowbar.

Fools Joker to believe that have discovered his real identity and tanking a eletric blast on the face is seemingly unharmed.

Batman 18

Subdue criminals all over the city in a single night althought is visibly shaken,due the loss of his own son and being days without rest.

Pulls a Venom-enhanced man from the apartment with his grapplin gun.

Subdue Venom-enhanced dogs with a sonic device.

Batman 19

Recorded and store previous battles in Cowl's archives.

Hidden behind a table and without looking he's able to hit a sharp batrang into Brian Wade's copycat forehead,displaying pinpoint accuracy.

Has facial recognition algorithms installed in the cowl.

Using his advanced DNA profiling tech to to discover the identity the person who was to undergo Brian Wade,only founding a trace of a damage DNA code which belongs to Clayface. At sometime ago he had theorized Basil would evolve and how dangerous would become.

Batman 20

Dodges a batmobile throw at him by Clayface.

Holds his breath for more than 6 minutes inside Clayface.

Uses a special suit designed to counter Clayface,but unfortunatelly proved to be useless due he had evolved..

Set up a plan to trapped Clayface into a unbreakable cage that can only be deactivated by Basil Karlo's DNA,something doesn't have anymore and also protectd his secret identity in the process.

Holds Will O' Wisp ramapage with a energy based batrang and light on the candles with a voice controled heat batrang.

Quickly disappear out of the sight before Superman could even turn around.

Batman 21

Using his knowledge on phsycs saves a truck full of people.

Have boots that enable to walk on walls and other surfaces.

Batman 22

Disguised as Oswald Cobblepot hinders Red Hood one's plans once more in order to escape use one of the members as a shield and the cutt the leader.

Walking outside of a airship.

Solve 2 Edward Nygma's riddles.

Bruce is teached by Sergei how to build advanced technology and his final test is being trapped inside of the Esphinx with broken equipment in order to discover how to make it function.

Via steady breathing can make 10 minutes of air last an hour.

Batman 23

Tanked a beatdown from the Red Hood Gang and depsite the injuries and fatal blood loss,manages to walk across the city until get to the Batcave.

Fought for 28 hours straight in death match constest rand won against every opponent thrown inside the pit with him without killing them. The Queen mentioned each fight lasts less than 15 minutes and trying to make him to break his no kill code sends more fighters at once into the pit,only to see them all defeated. The others competitors are so scared to fight with him,that refuses the offer.

Batman 24

Drop on Red Hood Gang before they're able to react.

Shutting down a portion of Gotham's eletrical grid that resembles a bat.

Takes out the entire Red Hood Gang by with martial arts and acrobatic skills,while dodging gunfire.

Gives a headbutt to Red Hood one with enough force to dent his helmet.

Batman 25

Created the first batmobile capable to clinging the roof and hops the air.

Calling out the bats.

Batman 26

Tank a blow from Doctor Death without being KO'ed,taking advantage that he's choking Lucius tricks Doctor Death to enter into a chamber with airplane turbine and the turned it on.

Breaking handcuffs.

Batman Annual 1

Dodge ice blast at close range.

Beatdwon Mister Freeze with a heat based knuckles and also used to get free form the ice.

Batman Annual 2

Bruce showcase his medical knowledge having implanted a device in his own hand months ago.

By sheer strength is able to break free from hardening foam,which especifically designed to containing his strongest villains.

Frees himself from steel restraints wrapped around his body by brute force.

Anchoress uses Quantum Channeling powers to invade Batman's mind and put into a endless loop of the worst moments of his life,but throught willpower manages to fight her off.

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Ok, no problem :)

This Batmobile is beautiful :O

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@Alexander505: I'm really upset with the disappearance of my Thread, 8 months of job..

Yes,I love this Batmobile..what do you think of the X-rays?

Detective Comics 0

Meditates over 3 days on the top of Himalayas mountains supporting artic temperatures,although he's wearing coat.

Mastered the Tummo meditation gaining full control of his body and mind.

Detective Comics 1

Singleandle a S.W.A.T. team with acrobacy and martial arts.

Tanked a explosion and falls from a 5 feet tall building on a top of car leaving unharmed.

Beats up Joker while endure a eletrical blast.

Detective Comics 2

Use Judo techniques with Dollmaker's family.

Detective Comics 3

Shoot out smoke clouds from the gauntlets to put down the enemies and then goes in a straight up combat,while is resisting the effects of a paralysis drug.

Kicks Jack in the Box with enough force to make it pass through a concrete.

Detective Comics 4

Tied in magnetic steel cables by Dollmaker,realize they're his creation.

Bruce have a Demagnetizer within the utility belt in order to protect himself from magnetic attacks.

Running through Jokerized thugs and then take out the rest with acrobacy skills.

Drops on top of the car hood with enough force to dent it in (it.

Detective Comics 5

Batcowl can withstand acid.

Detective Comics 6

Reacting faster than the other man could pull of the the trigger,making him shoots it's own foot.

Detective Comics 7

Moves fast enough to dodge a napalm blast at point blank range.

Mentions to being immune to Hypnotic's radio control waves.

Detective Comics 8

Developed Anti-Fear toxins.

Breaking through a brick wall to get someone.

Despite being in another building across from him is able to catch up Scarecrow,who is away of him via cable line.

Flips over some thugs using cable line to choke and knock them with a neck kick.

Detective Comics 9

Shown to be able to fight 2 Talons at the same time ,even besting one of them until being pinned down by a surprise attack.

Punching a Talon through a reinforced steel door.

Resists and fight off Black Mask's mind control.

Detective Comics 10 and 11

Even being in a sewer manages to sneak upon a Batman copycats without making a sound.

Dodging machine gun fire at point blank range in a tight space.

The high-tech lenses can run spectrum analysis.

Has a energy deflector stored in utility belt.

Thought the energy deflector saves his life,the residual energy weakened him a bit getting slower nad still maangaes to fight off the effetcs to give a decisive blow to Mr.Toxic.

Has a descontamination unit within the Batcave.

Detective Comics 12

Has modified version of the Batsuit with jet-packs to travel long distancies..

Detective Comics 13

Has a scanner drone.

Acessing city's maps and connecting with GCPD radio frequency.

Deduces the unrelated robberies that happened all over the city in a single night, were actually related and were designed to keep it distracted.

Fighting a killer for the first time is able to deduct their fighting style,by just seeing some movements and then Koed with a single blow.

Detective Comics 14

Avoid to being tagged by a sword at close range three times.

Developed and installed high-intensity strobes within the cowl to counteract Poison Ivy's mind controlling pheromones. The strobe tech shocks his brain and resets his short term memory allowing him to stay in control of himself.

Batsuit is insulated against eletric based attacks.

Detective Comics 15

Tanked punishment from an enraged Clayface and despite being weakened is able to fight back.

Using chemistry and biology's knowledge deduces Poison Ivy was controlling Karlo with a mix of pheromones and amazonian plants. Then wears a special suit and a special gun to expell the plants from Clayface.

Detective Comics 16

Subdue a weightlifter that is impervious to pain with rapidly pressure points technique.

Detective Comics 17

Dodge machine gun fire.

Detective Comics 18

Jumps from the Batplane at impossible heights landing in Iceberg Cassino,without aid of a rope.

Knocked out some villains with barehands.

Detective Comics 19

Subdue a entire neighborhood turned into Men-bat with sonic weapons.

Defeats 2 Man-Bat with martials arts and brute force,althought one of them fell from higher heights without being kO'ed.

Installed a Anatomical Reconstruction Program into Batcomputer to identified decomposed bodies of Zsasz's victims.

Gives a headbutt to Bat-Zsasz with enough force to push him off the building.

Knocked out a Man-Bat and breaks the arm of another.

Detective Comics 20

While confronts Ogivly is able to analyze his movements and deduces that comes from a mix of Venom,Man-bat serum and Poison Ivy's chemicals. Also tanked a beating from him and still manages to be alive.

Despite being seriously injured goes after Emperor Penguin and without holding back use some lethal weapons to keep it at bay.

Detective Comics 21

Off panel beats up 5 heavily armored mercenaries.

Detective Comics 22

Disarm a cop with a batrang.

Despite being in another city block across from him, Batman runs over the rooftops and still catches up with Scorn who has a very far head start on him.

Detective Comics 23

Seeing Scorn's ture face remeber that have encountered him once a long time ago (Demonstrating total recall).

Deflect bullets with one arm.

Due suit's durability is able to withstand sixty thousands watts of current and even having synspses scrambled still stand.

Gives to Alfred a bypass program and sonar device to sneak upon and break in Caldwell's systems,which he claimed to be good as yours.

Detective Comics 24

He's a expert drive capable to fly the Batplane between building.

Created a reflective metamineral glider

Shortly after escaping the fall of his airplane, warns the police department to evacuate the building and wearing armor

Detective Comics 25

Catch Gordon before hit the river.

Detective Comics 26

Equipped the new Batplane with sonic cannons.

Wears a device that makes the cape act as wings. Taking advantage Man-bat is stunned pinned down over a building.

Covered a room with speakers transmitting ulrasonic frequencies of sleeping bats and pheromones to calm him down.

Detective Comics Annual 1

At a large distance darts batrangs to stop a rollercoaster car.

HurlsTweedle Dee (who weights at least 100 pounds) against a wall with one arm.

Batsuit is fireproof.

Cracks Roman Sionis's mask with a kick.

Detective Comics Annual 2

GCPD takes 12 minutes to get into a place,while Batman takes 3.

Dodges one bullet at close range.

Use a handler scanner to indetify a corpse that couldn't be indentified by normal means.

While tracking Jane Doe deals with Clayface and other crimes around the city,still being at peak conditions.

Using police's files and Data Mining program find Jane Doe's headquarters. Despite Jane be perfectly disguised as Harvey Bullock,Batman is to deduce that isn't him.

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@matchesmalone21: Nice job with this new thread! But what about the previous New 52 Batman respect thread?

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Yes,I love this Batmobile..what do you think of the X-rays?

Well, it's very cool. Over the years the mask of Batman has hosted several types of filters: thermal sight, sonar, ultraviolet, ect. It 'was a great idea to Snyder and Capullo, to include not only a x-ray vision in the mask, but also a lie detector. It 's all very cool.

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@Lvenger: Thank you,I'm would post scans from Batman and Robin that I didn't post yet and looked all over forum and I didn't fid it,but a search in google and the thread appear that still exist,just doesn't have url on this site and can't be seen.

@Alexander505: They give him a huge upgarde in that lenses and now bruce always uses the lenses!!! Now with new upgrades therma vision with zoom,liar detector,X-ray vision,tap into batcomputer,let's see what else will be done with these lenses

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Mad Bull was a metahuman in physical strength, I guess.

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Inbuilt Augmentation suit(Battle armor) in Batman's Batmobile, It shows the Excellent use of technology by BATMAN.
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Why would a awesome thread like that disappear?

#12 Posted by Alexander505 (2175 posts) - - Show Bio

Terminus was a villain very interesting, in my opinion, too bad he's dead.

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@Alexander505: Maybe,Black mask give some strength enhancement,something tells me that the next time we see Black Mask he will no longer need the mask to control someone

@btmt: Nice scans dude!!!

Batman: The Dark Knight 0

Character Profile

Beats up 4 motorcyclist at same time with martial arts and the enviroment.

Bruce is a polymath have studied virtually any discipline,finishing their studies before turning 18 years old.

Batman: The Dark Knight 1

Arkham inmates are dosed with venom,that enhaced their durability and strength to the point they're able to break free from unbreakable restrains and reinforced steel doors.

Knocked out a venom-enhanced Ragdoll with one blow and three other foes with batrangs.

Beats up Venom-enhanced arkham inmates with barehands.

Batman :The Dark Knight 2

Batmobile can run chemical analysis.

Endure amount of punishment from Venom-enhanced Two-Face and few hours later is tottaly recovered.

Batman: The Dark Knight 3 and 4

Hold his own against venom enhanced Joker,but in a brief period of time deduce that's Clayface in disguise.

Althought is on the top of a building disappear in a blink of a eye,then appears behind Forbes on the ground.

Batsuit makes biometric/biochemical read outs.

Take out a carnivore plant with batrangs.

Batcomputer can track Poison Ivy throught her pheromones.

Batman: The Dark Knight 5

Resisting to a new Fear toxin.

Batman: The Dark Knight 6 and 7

Despite not being at peak withstand all Bane's attacks and while is surrounded by water uses a taser to eletrocute him,but dues the batsuit Bruce can't be eletrocuted.

Dodges a huge rock.

Althought to be badly injured used stealth and speed to escape from Bane and reappeared far away from there,so that it could create a plan.

Batman: The Dark Knight 8

Batman got a telepathy dampeners to protect from mind control devices,such Mad Hatter's mind control radio-signal that have affected the whole city.

Batman: The Dark Knight 9

Scares a Talon.

Subdue a Talon in melee combat.

Batman: The Dark Knight 10

Catchs up a speeding car that attemps to escape via his cable line (although to be far behind) nad kicks out the thug out of the car,stopping it before slamming into a maternity.

Batman: The Dark Knight 11

Batsuit can run chemical analysis.

Batman: The Dark Knight 12

Has a special lock-pick in the cowl that prevent it to be removed.

Resist to be overdosed with Fear toxin.

Batman: The Dark Knight 13

Have mounted laser in Batsuit's gauntlet.

Resisting to Scarecrow's super-fear toxin,that himself declared to not have antibodies to resist it.

Physically weakened breaks the restrain chains (notices wrist laser didn't activated).

Batman: The Dark Knight 14

Still under toxins effects takes a scythe onthe shoulder ,but even bleeding out defeats Scarecrow and walk across the city.

Super-Fear toxin is so potent that driven citizens into madness.

Batman: The Dark Knight 15

Gauntlets can run chemical analysis.

In within a matter of hours his body created antibodies to figh the new toxin.

To created a proper antidote serum from Bruce antibodies or reverse engineer the toxin would take a month at least,but with little time decide to make a transfusion and used a aerosol difuser to spread the antibodies through the city.

Batman: The Dark Knight 16

Takes 7 thugs at the same time and maim other with batrangs.

Displays amazing agility and speed jumping from the Batplane at high speed through the opening of a van (which opened with a laser gun) to save a woman.

Appear and disappear in a blink of an eye.

Batman: The Dark Knight 17 & 18

Has the Bata-miming software to track and cross reference anything related with Mad Hatter as the multiple companies he owns to mask their schemes.

Using satellites to scans an large area to any track life forms and beneath Earth's surface.

With a single punch pratically destroyed Twedledee skull as mentioned by himself .

Put down 3 henchmen at once. Owns a handle scanner which runs chemical analysis plus says what kind of effect will have on a victim.

Tanked iron bar and hubcap to the temple,even disoriented is able to jump over the buildings to chase Tetch.

Batman: The Dark Knight 21

Through willpower and rage fights off the effects of Mad Hatter's hallucinogen tea.

Batman: The Dark Knight 22 &¨23

Dodges a bullet at close range.

Tanked a blow from Clayface

Breaks handcuff with the wrist laser.

Reacts fast enough to save a woman from Clayface.

Since couldn't use the energy cage stored in Wayne Enterprises,created a energy gun based on that technology to restrain Clayface. Evade a poweful blow that smash a armored car.

Dress Comissioner Gordon and the GCPD members as himself to scare Clayface out of his hideout to a clear area,for trap into the energy cage builded in the Batplane.

Builded a airtight cell in Arkham Asylum to contain him.

Batman: The Dark Knight 23.2

Owns a heat based knuckles.

Dodges Mr. Freezee blasts at close range. Boots have blades to enable him to walk on areas covered by ice.

Batman: The Dark Knight 25

Bata-mining software is the fastest in the world and Batman uses it to quickly find several locations of where Clayface could be.

Taking advantage Clayface is in hard form,uses agility to pull it down to a metal boiler,which preventing it to take a form.

Builded a new airtight cell with flamethrowers.

Batman: The Dark Knight 26

Knocked out three gunmen with batrangs.

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@matchesmalone21 said:

@DarkKnightDetective: I don't know but is a shame,I spent 7 months updating that thread!!! Its's sad,but now we have other

@Alexander505: Yes Terminus and Nobody, I can't understand why Peter J. Tomasi is still killing the new villains.....

The Batsuit is really thought,to whistand such damages
Bruce is strong than ever,he manges to hold on airplane turbine supporting the air pressure,the lack of oxygen and the power of the turbine and he makes all this severely injured
High velocity Bat-rope
After being beating,exploded and being hit by countless wrecks,Bruce leaves with few wounds

Nice scans mr matches.

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Just as I said in another thread: Lincoln is really powerful: O

I think we'll see him again ...but this time, Bruce will be ready ..

#19 Posted by Alexander505 (2175 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes, most likely Bruce will have prepared something "special" for Owlman.

Amazing Batman's stamina and willpower, anyway.

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You remember the first story written by Morrison in 2006? In that story Bruce was training with 900kg on the bench press. Bruce is always was a peak human. The feats of the characters like Batman, have changed over the years, because the comics, somehow follows the historical period and the increase in technology and the same record strength of the real athletes.

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@Alexander505: I remember,yes bruce always is a peak human but some people love to forgot or despises that and the New 52,makes this kind of thinking change because is showing Batman in early career again. I never notice that,nice catch. Ohh I remeber that some issues later,Bruce is able to lift 60 Man-Bats

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The new thread is as awesome as the last one.

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I remember,yes bruce always is a peak human but some people love to forgot or despises that and the New 52,makes this kind of thinking change because is showing Batman in early career again. I never notice that,nice catch. Ohh I remeber that some issues later,Bruce is able to lift 60 Man-Bats

Exactly, and was able, even without sleep for days and poisoned by the Joker, can extricate himself from a straitjacket, break out of the coffin and over three hundred kilograms of terrain.

However, several years ago, a wounded and weakened Batman, was able to almost completely break a glass anti-bazooka. Obviously at its best, Batman would have completely broken the glass.

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Beats easy up on a small team of super powered villains

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i so need to get a scanner lol.

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Awesome Matches! Keep em' coming!

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Fantastic feats, but I do not understand why they have shown that armor of Batman is not much resistant. Clearly the Talons have a metahuman physical strength. However, Batman is very good. Alone and still injured, he managed to beat several Talon at the same time, even without his protective suit.

#36 Posted by Alexander505 (2175 posts) - - Show Bio
Bruce created a material called the Meta-Aramid and the construct the armor,that is capable to whistand the extreme temperatures and most damages (what a hell is that batarang do? eletrocutes? dissolves someone?)

Cryogenic batarangs.

#38 Posted by Alexander505 (2175 posts) - - Show Bio

KOes a venom enhanced Arkham Inmate (Ragdoll) with 1 punch and several others using batarangs. To get an idea of how powerful this new venom toxin is notice that one Arkham security guard mentions how the inmates were strong enough to break free from their unbreakable restraints plus how all the inmates easily overpowered the heavily armored Arkham security guards despite being on maximum security lockdown.

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Superman wondering how Batman is able to know that Amazon is rebuilding. Maybe the X-ray vision?

No. Deductive and scientific intelligence.

#41 Posted by Alexander505 (2175 posts) - - Show Bio

Impressively using his agility & speed to dodge Malik's (twin brother of Lightweaver who has the same power to create light constructs) powerful light based power blasts & constructs that Malik amazingly used to defeat the JLI on his own just before this battle.

From Justice League International #12

#42 Edited by Alexander505 (2175 posts) - - Show Bio

Takes down the twin brother of Lightweaver (Malik) who possesses the same powers (creating light constructs) as his deceased brother and was even powerful enough to successfully take out the JLI single-handedly as shown beforehand.

Justice League International v2 #12

Able to make even a Talon (an undead super assassin) feel fear plus force the Talon to retreat after a short battle.

Batman The Dark Knight v2 #9

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This part is always amazing. Hey Matches, you've already read DetCom # 0?

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@matchesmalone21 said:

Waiting outside of the temple fordays,ind artic temperatures until be trained
Trained in 9 different location,before goes to Himalayas
Gaining full control of his body
Defeating a ninja

@Alexander505: Scans from detective comics 0

From above scans we can also see that BRUCE WAYNE(BATMAN) is the master swordsman and Bruce also have exceptional control on his body, Bruce can also melt surrounding ice with just his extraordinary meditation and concentration skills.

BRUCE have complete control on his mind as well as his body, he can easily control his pain and emotions, he has much potential than any other normal humans, all this his capabilities shows that Bruce is peak human or Bruce is superior in most humans.

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@btmt: Exactly,in few pages the writer and penciler was able to capture the essence of the character and his abilities. I'm loving the new 52!!!!

#49 Posted by Alexander505 (2175 posts) - - Show Bio

I read DetCom last night, beautiful story.

Yes, Bruce is an total expert of Yoga and meditation.

#50 Posted by btmt (222 posts) - - Show Bio

@matchesmalone21 said:

@btmt: Exactly,in few pages the writer and penciler was able to capture the essence of the character and his abilities. I'm loving the new 52!!!!

New 52 is one of the best thing which has happened in DC universe, Total reboot was indeed an impressive idea from DCcomics to make everyone familiar with latest DC universe.

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