My Two Favourite Batman Posts

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Hey, I just wanted to get these on record where I can find them easy, because, not to toot my horn, I really liked them. 
 We love Batman because he's the greatest fictional character of all time. He's layered in ways other characters can only dream of. Aside from Clark Kent, he's just about the only character who needs an encyclopedia entry for both his identities. He is the Ultimate Human; the perfect survivor. And yet, he's mentally disturbed, psychological unstable and emotionally fragile. He has adopted 4 children, and yet can't hold down a relationship due to trust issues. Despite being an Omen of Eternal Darkness; he is a fierce protector of the Innocent. Unlike many other characters whose motivation for doing good are psychotic, guilt-ridden or adrenaline-seeking, Bruce solely wants to help people. He treasures all life; even the life of those who deserve none. He wouldn't fight guys like Darkseid if they weren't a threat to ordinary people. But he does, he stands before gods and looks them in the eye, armed with little more than explosive batarangs, a kevlar suit and the most ingeniusly cunning mind in the Universe. People who crush planets fear the Batman, and that's his primary motivator. Fear. He is the Dark Knight; a terrible creature of the night, and yet his entire purpose of being is to prevent the tragedy that happened to him ever appearing again. 
He is the Dr Jekyll who wanted to create a Mister Hyde.
He is Frankenstein and his monster.
He is a monster and a man; and he is both at the same time. 
Bruce Wayne willingly sacrificed his life; in order to help others. Clark Kent, Wally West, Barry Allen, Princess Diana, hell, even J'onn, can live a life apart from their superhero existence. Bruce does not have that luxury. He is devoted to his ideal of the perfect crime-fighter; Batman. He cannot allow himself to be happy, because his purpose, which is driven by tragedy and the evils everpresent within humans, will be diminished. He is a character that is complex, riveting and emotionally gripping. He is a being above and beneath the gods he works beside. Superman and Wonder Woman may be able to move mountains, but Batman is a legend; he is a Legacy. 
And that on top of a trillion other reasons I may one day elaborate on; is the reason we love Batman.  
 Have you read R.I.P? Even the highest of the high fear Batman, and it's not because he'll put them in Jail, it's because of what he is; he's the Omega Man. Look at the majority of his rogues; they're all either totally nuts and/or complete narcassists. To acknowledge that whatever you do, however you do it will be thwarted by a seemingly omnipresent demon of the night is genuinely frightening. Some of his long time foes may not act scared, but the fact is that Batman is always there, and that's what's terrifying. You never have a moment's peace, he is out there, he is watching you, and he will stop you from doing whatever it is you want to do (see Azzarello's marvelous Joker graphic novel for a detailed showing of the power of paranoia). The Black Glove would have liked to believe they were untouchable, Jet believed she was; and Batman emotionally raped her by stealing the only thing she possessed of her childhood. To know that there is someone out there that knows EVERYTHING that you're doing, that knows EVERYTHING about you; you're telling me that's not terrifying? Not to mention that the reason most Rogues aren't in every issue is because they're nursing headaches and broken bones that I don't even want to think about. Because of their nature, these villains have to continually try to best the unbeatable man. No matter what they do; they're going to fail. The knowledge that your every single effort is futile; that your entire worthless life is made up of individual failures; to know that whilst alive you will never accomplish anything, and that as soon as you die you're going to Hell; that is damn scary. 
A quick and early death would have been a blessing. 

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you and your epic writing skills :3 
real niceeeee :)   ♥

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@spiderguylll: XD
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"Hey, I just wanted to get these on record where I can find them easy, because, not to toot my horn, I really liked them."

Yeah, yeah. Suuuuuuuure.

Clearly, you adore Batman. I have yet to look into the character past the superficial and shallow knowledge gained from pop culture exposure although I admit, I was encouraged from an early age and then continued to cultivate a kind of disdain for him. The idea of him -- the idea he can always come out on top with the rogue gallery that he has is too hard for me to accept --- too much of a leap is required for me to enjoy Batman. Again, bear in mind, this is from someone who never really read anything to do with the guy.

I get the whole "I will not kill" (although he did kinda convince someone to commit suicide) ideal, but it's just not possible (again, to me.)

I respect your admiration for Batman -- the whole Frankenstein and his monster shtick which sounds/is pretty cool but with all the super-villains surrounding the guy -- how the heck can he still be alive?

Nice comments though. :)

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