My opinion on Loeb's Batman!

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I have seen many people who don't like Loeb's Batman.I personally respect him but i admit he is not the best.

Loeb is good if you are a new reader(i am talking from personal experience) but mediocre if you have some experience.

I am from a small town in greece,so i don't have access in a lot of comics.It was 7-10 years ago that a publishing company decided that they wanted to make a great leap and publish comics monthly(there were other complanies who tried it and failed)

The first batman story they published was BATMAN : HUSH.I was excited from that series,i didn't know much and Loeb managed to make a good summary of the things i should know about batman.Over the years i have read my fair share of batman stories and i believe that Loeb is not so bad (his narration is to shallow), just some people who hate the writer allow that hatred to affect their opinion on his Batman stories (loeb's batman stories that i have read are Batman DV,batman TLH,S/B Public enemies,S/B Supergirl).

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There are way worse writers than Loeb lol, yet some people deem him worse thanSatan.

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@zexion_armando: Probably because of his work at marvel :-P

#4 Posted by zexion_armando (81 posts) - - Show Bio

@Squalleon said:

@zexion_armando: Probably because of his work at marvel :-P

What has he done at marvel? All I ever hear in terms of bad writers is the vocal hate of Bendis, lol.

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@zexion_armando: He bring the Ultimatum in the Ultimate universe and he created the Red Hulk.Both very bad!

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I ultimately feel the same way about Loeb. The first Batman story I ever read was Hush, and I still think it is one of his better works. I also enjoy Long Halloween mostly because of the crime drama and I really like the way he wrote Harvey Dent. Loeb is by no means the worst writer for batman, I personally think that's Tony Daniel, but he's nowhere near the best either. His work at Marvel isn't exactly winning him fans though.

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