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Grant Morrison's Batman run is what got me back into comics when I heard about Batman RIP, I was like waaaaa, and rushed out to pick up the issues as they were being released in the summer of 08, after almost 2 years, were still seeing things that tied into that grand story arc. As was discussed in the latest trading views, for Morrison it is essential that you read the collected works rather than the monthly, as it doesn't really make as much sense as when you read the collected versions (IE Final Crisis, Invisibles, Batman RIP, etc) 
So to fully understand what's going on in Batman these days start here 
O Look a handy dandy sheet courtesy of /co/

Batman: Gothic -  Batman faces the Devil
Batman: The Black Casebook - Silly Silver Age Stories that influenced RIP but still fun nevertheless 
Son of the Demon - Damian Origin
The Killing Joke - The Killing Joke
The Cult - Supernatural Stuff, featues Jason as Robin, brainwashing, immortality, cults etc
Arkham Asylum - Morrison's response to 80s Batman stories, good introductory to symbolism
Dark Knight/Dark City -  devil worshipers of Gotham past
Batman and Son - Morrisons start on Batman run, introduction of Damian, Batman 666, Clown Laughs at Midnight
Batman: The Black Glove - Batmen of Nations, Dr Hurt, Michael Lane and other Batman Impostors, Mangrove Pierce? 
Batman RIP - It hits the fan in what may possibly the most insane Bruce Wayne Batman storyline so far
Final Crisis - Dont need that much indepth reading just know the basics of what happened to Bruce
Batman & Robin - Dick and Damian as the Dynamic Duo, set ups for Bruce's Return, Damian's Clone, Return of Joker, introduction of Professor Pig, Red Hood, The Reveal
Batman 700-702 - what happened in between RIP and Final Crisis,
Return of Bruce Wayne -Bruce traveling through time and affecting some of the Future
Yes thats alot of reading by your brain will thank you when its all over with ( May hate you half way through) and you'll get an amazing storyline of epic proportions 
Happy Reading
 --Please Note that I/The Chart left out the Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul as it isnt solely Morrison's work, and although it brought Ra's back, doesnt really deal with the main storyline, rather affecting the extended Bat Family moreso, Red Robin, Azrael etc--
 there is a very very good reason to go through Final Crisis, message me if you want to know why as this isnt the post to be discussing theories
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@SendingSignal: A good reading order, but I mostly focused on the Morrison Storyline, instead of the entire Bat Family, Heart of Hush was quiet good though
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haha yeah, the morrison stuff is probably the best part, but I like to error on the side of completionism ;)
I read a lot of crap because of my need to get all the crossovers, haha. I remember reading a LOT of terrible marvel issues of characters I don't know at all to get all of, civil war, for example.

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Thanks for writing this list I'm realy into Morrissons work on Batman at the moment but ive got missing pieces of this story arc its realy put it in perfect order thanks :)
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Awesome, thanks so much! Been wanting to check Morrison's Batman stuff out and had no idea what all was included!

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We've been updating that above list a lot too - just added in a couple issues of Red Robin.

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BTW I also made a list of stuff I think would help. ( HERE)

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@Silkcuts, I dont think Year One isnt essential, its a good read but doesnt fit well with the story Morrison is presenting, Morrison writes his characters as larger than life, not down to Earth. If you read Year One and later found out Batman defeated Evil personified with a Gun, you'd think they were completely different characters

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I hate to ask, but is there any way you can break out the Fifty-Two section under the picture diagram like you did for the Prep-Time and Dance with the Devil Sections? I am having a hard time figuring out what I am supposed to look for in the FIfty-Two section. Example do you read all of Animal Man (separate character if I'm correct) and all of Jack Kirby's Fourth worlds issues you can find?? Sorry just a little confused.....if you can break it out that would be great! If you busy, no worries.....

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Interesting. What issues did Morrison do that weren't events for Batman? I didn't totally like his Batman and Robin run, but I think that was mostly due to how the later art got really creepy. I would like to give his Batman run a shot, though.

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