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so i love batman: year one..hell, my first post on the site was about it! but i love the stories that grew from it just as much. The good ones! so over the past few years i've been putting together a chronology of all the batman comics i think are part of the DKU!

my reading order:

1) Batman: Gordon of Gotham #1-4


2) Batman: Year One #1-2

3) Catwoman #1-2

4) Batman: Year One #3

5) Batman: The Monster Men #1-4

6) Batman: The Mad Monk #1-4

7) Catwoman #3-4

8) Batman: Year One #4


9) Legends of the Dark Knight #50

or) Batman: The Man Who Laughs

or) Batman: Lovers & Madmen (batman: confidential #7 - 12)


10) Batman Annual #14

or) Batman: The Long Halloween


11) Robin: Year One 1-4




12) Batgirl Year One 1-4

AND THAT'S ALL I'VE GOT SO FAR! i know all of batman legends is meant to be part of it but i'm trying to take out my best of"!

i don't think "year two" should even be regarded as a sequel. let's be honest; it wasn't.

and as for batman and robin the boy wonder? well i'm strict on my rules. and especially if miller goes and breaks them. he's a year younger in this story than he is in the comic. if miller made that mistake i presume he made it on purpose. so i don't think he considers it part of the same universe.

i hope i don't sound like a crazy person. i just want this series to be enjoyed to it's fullest extent and people to see all the great things that have been sequels to it!

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Batman Haunted Knight will so far I can understand take place in year fice. Since The long Halloween take place doing a year and Haunted knight takes place a year after the long Halloween (if I remeber currectly). Catwoman: when in Rome and dark Victory will therefore also take place during this period. However Dick Grayson is first introduced in Dark Victory and it is first towards the end that he becomes Robin.

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@tupiaz: my problem with the loeb/sale series is that it started out as sort of a rough sequel and then turned into it's own thing (not really a problem since every story from it is ace!) but it slips out of the DKU continuity if dark victory becomes part of it cuz then robin has two origin stories :P loeb/sale is another amazing batman universe but a lot more straight forward in terms of continuity xD

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Robin gets his origin story towards the last third of the story. Even though it more tells the tory of the relationship Dick has with Alfred and Bruce than him being Robin. Dick is only Robin for the few pages.

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