Mild details on Batman film reboot and JL

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I'll admit, I had my doubts about Bale being Batman, but Jake G just seems totally out of place as Batman. I guess he would be a younger version that could grow with the other superheroes like Cavill. As the article said, though, the director is going to have a big say in the casting choice. I would choose someone else but they'll pick the best actor for the job.

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Eh, I don't trust any of these rumors. There's been a lot of them in the last few months.

Not saying this isn't true, but if I were you I'd wait and see.

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I remember a while back someone saying that the Man of Steel wouldn't be involved in the Justice League film

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I think Jake Gylenhaal would do a good job as Batman, he could pull it off in a charasmatic way

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I'd rather see a retatively unknown actor play Batman. But I'm sure whoever is chosen will do a good job.

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Rumors are just frustrating and misleading. I wouldn't hate Gyllenhaal as Batman though.

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@danhimself said:

I remember a while back someone saying that the Man of Steel wouldn't be involved in the Justice League film

Heard the same. Hoping it's not true/retconned, could really fuck things up for the DCMovieU, having two separate running Superman franchises.

@Galactic_Man said:

- Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman? I dunno... It was already bad enough we had his cabbage-patch-faced sister in the Dark Knight XD


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Jake would be an OK. bats...hmm...i dunno...

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If this is true, pleeeeeaaaaasssseee don't put Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman... That would be horrible. Rachel Dawes cannot be the next Batman

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Gyllenhaal as Batman would be awesome so serious but a nice smile

blond hair is my only problem

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jake is too fat to be serious

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Not sure he can share the screen with any other people in JL, but in his own movie it might be possible to pull it off.

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