Mark Hamill comeback - He says spread the word!

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For those who don't follow Mark Hamill on twitter - he's just said this:

'Yes! Spread the word! RT@EveJacques Facebook petition @HamillHimself in #TheKillingJoke He really wants to do this!'

In other words, he really wants to come back to voice Joker one last time in an animated adaptation of The Killing Joke. He's been saying this for a while and asking fans to campaign for DC/Warners to make it. There've been a few petitions but none got many signatures.

However, since Hamill tweeted this one, over 4000 people have signed up. It's really looking like we can do this, but we need more - I'm thinking at least 10,000 for it to really make an impact. Individual emails and letters too.

He's given us so many laughs over the last 20 years (and let's face it, tears) I think he deserves all our efforts to make this happen. Not to mention that TKJ is arguably the best Joker comic ever written, and to hear THAT monologue in THAT voice would be beyond awesome. Sign here.

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I mean, he IS, theoretically, the voice of Joker, so why wouldn't DC grant him the role upon request? If he isn't chosen though, I want the guy who voiced Joker in Under the Red Hood.

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There are scenes in TKJ in which Joker's civilian identity has lines as well.  Makes me wonder if Hamill would use his 'Sheckie Rimshot' voice for those parts or use something closer to his natural tone.

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*strains jaw*

#5 Posted by ARMIV2 (9093 posts) - - Show Bio

...Yes please.

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Where the f*ck do I sign?!

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