Man, Lovers and Madmen blows chunks.

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I can't get over the fact that Lovers and Madmen is total garbage. The art does nothing to enhance the story, Batman's characterization is (even for a Year One version) a joke, by the end of the book Joker isn't even interesting, and the love story is senseless garbage. Batman tried to kill Joker? What? Are you serious?

There are a couple good moments. The first time Joker (Jack) lays eyes on Batman and notes his appearance would be classic if it wasn't padded by poor writing on either side. The subsequent scene in Jack's apartment is also decent. The ball is dropped shortly thereafter, as far as Joker goes.

the whole book is just dumb. and not dumb like Hush. but really dumb. Someone throw some thoughts into the ring. Love the arc? Agree? Did you think Michael Green slaughtered not only Batman, but Joker's character as well? Why?

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