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So I got Year One in the mail today and finished it in 3 hours (I did other things while reading it). I was pretty amazed by it. It was pretty much the first comic I have ever read and I am amazed by it all. I was a little disappointed to see no evil villians. Accept for the mention of joker on the last page. I was thinking of going on to read Batman Vol 2 #1 (The new 52 relaunch). Also I was thinking about starting Arkham Asylum Tales Of Madness after someones recommendation. Which one would be a better direction to go in? I like the new 52 because it is newer and I believe still active. As I want comics no more graphic novels. What are your guys opinions? Also, just wanted to add, who are the Roman's that part sort of through me off in ending. Is he just like a drug dealer Batman wants to take down or what?

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The Romans are a crime family.

Arkham Asylum Tales of Madness is the best thing I can reccomend to you if you're looking for some villain action.

The New 52 is great so far (Batman at least) so yeah, I can also highly reccomend that.

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I just wanna know what will make the most sense to me at this point in reading

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Im doing something similar I just got back into batman and finished BATMAN: YEAR ONE which I thought was great. I wanted to start reading the new 52 also but thought to myself that there is so mouch batman events that I missed. So I decided to read all of batmans major story arcs.There are alot of batman stories that take place in batman's first year of crime fighting such as BATMAN: GOTHIC, BATMAN: PREY, BATMAN: VENOM, BATMAN AND THE MONSTER MEN, BATMAN AND THE MAD MONK, BATMAN: THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, and last but not least BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN which alot of people consider as one of the best batman stories. I myself just bought BATMAN: NO MAN'S LAND VOL 1 AND 2 which I hope to enjoy.

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New 52 Batman and Robin.

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I was thinking about getting the man who laughs or the long halloween. I wanna read things that are more recent so I can have the joy of waiting at the store on a wednesday waiting for the new stuff to arrive

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The Roman is another name for Carmine Falcone, head of the Falcone crime family. Two-Face killed him at the end of Batman: the Long Halloween. If you like Year One, than I recomend reading that next. Either that or Batman: the Man Who Laughs if you want to continue on the Joker story at the end of Year One. I kind of agree with you for graphic novels, but I think they should come out in comic form as a miniseries, and then be published as a graphic novel.

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The Killing Joke is great, one of the best Joker stories around. Other great Batman stories are The Long Halloween, Knightfall, The Black Mirror, The Man Who Laughs, No Man's Land, Batman RIP... there are many to choose from, really.

If you want a great ongoing, read the New 52 Batman by Scott Snyder. One of the best comics around right now.

Oh, and there's Batman: Gothic. That one is pretty hit-or-miss with different people... I personally loved it, and know a lot of other people who enjoyed it, but a lot of people hated it too.

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@xxBryce10xx: Ok as a huge Batman fan I know Vol. 2 of Batman will see the return of the Joker and his attack on the Bat family so I say just read up on him. I'd say read Man who laughs, Death in the family, and the killing joke.

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I just finished Man who Laughs. I will read the long halloween, and the killing joke. then start the new 52. Somewhere in there I will read Arkham Asylum tales of madness. Thanks guys

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