Joseph Gordon Levitt is going to be playing batman in JL movie

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I was announced on the internet that actor Joseph Gordon Levitt is going to be playing batman in the Justice League movie in 2015 what do you all think of this tell me in the comments

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It is possible that Joseph Gordon Levitt is being considered to play Bruce Wayne in the next batman reboot and also in the Justice League movies and no confirmation yet on anything and all are just rumors.

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Yes, because everything that's announced on the internet is accurate...

What's your source?

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I think that is a very strong possibility that this will happen.

THE GOOD: The story of the Nolan universe will continue.

THE BAD: Bruce Wayne is gone.

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My question is with all the rumors about this. Are they suggesting the actor will play regular batman without the backstory or with he be the dark knight rises cop who inherited the mantle? Is he bruce wayne or robin?

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The rumors suggest the Nolan Batman universe is over and the next round of batman movies will start with a reboot. My guess is a rebooted Batman will be in the Justice League movie.

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Remember when Cher was going to be Catwoman?

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People think its gonna be here cause in an interview someone asked nolan if levitt or batman would make an appearence in man of stell, and he laughs it off saying that he cant talk about it. But its cause they asked if batman would show up, levitt is not gonna be batman

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I hope he's Nightwing. He's be absolutely perfect for Nightwing

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I'm really getting sick of these rumors. It's not going to happen!

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@Or35ti said:

I hope he's Nightwing. He's be absolutely perfect for Nightwing


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Sounds like a whole load of bull to me. I'm sorry JGL is a good actor but I don't think he'd be able to pull off a convincing batman. He'd be a good Dick Grayson though.

#15 Posted by sinestro_GL (3591 posts) - - Show Bio would make sense, it's revealed his name is Robin (facepalm) and then he becomes Batman?

It would only work if he plays Bruce Wayne...but that would be a really confusing casting choice...

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lookimng back now i agree, hes robin....wouldnt make sense in him being bats

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There is no point in using John Blacke, as much as i like Rises ending, and i belive JGL is an awesome actor and very underrated as action hero.

I mean, Bruce is the one that has this very bizzare love/hate relationship with Clark.

Blake is pretty much a mix of all Robins, take the fact he would act more like Dick Grayson as Batman, it would lose all the coolness.

Besides, that means no Batman punching Superman in the face scene, that would sell tickets.

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