Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Batman Can't Exist.

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Praise the Comic Gods!

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It's really weird that they cast Levitt. Maybe they think that they're honoring comic fans by making the movie like when Dick Grayson was Batman? There's no logical explanation to do it.

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the rumor has be verified as false he will not be batman in JLA

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Why people is against anybody else could be Batman in an elseworld, but are in favor of Dick Grayson being Batman in the main continuity?

It should be the other say around, in else world other guys should get the chance of being Batman, but in the main continuity Bruce should be Batman forever.

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@BiteMe-Fanboy said:

Praise the Comic Gods!

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It can exist, but the rumor has been denied.

Nolan's Batman films were a smash hit and the general public (and comic fans) would still go see a Justice League movie regardless of him being Batman or not.

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I really hope he wont be casted as Batman,there are so many other actors who could play him.

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I liked the idea of him playing Batman.

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It could have happened. New Batman is caught on Camera Luscious Fox investigates finds "Blake"(his adopted name) Trains him(with tech stuff) Shows him who can train him for martial art skills. Then we find out his Birth name is Dick "Robin" Grayson JL takes place 3 years since "Blake" aka Dick Took on the mantle. There almost everything is explained, and its closest to the source material. (+)

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I wholeheartedly agree with that blog.

Except for Inception being alright, though :P

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@Crash_Recovery said:

fans would still go see a Justice League movie regardless of him being Batman or not.


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I hope this rumor is false, it's kind of hard to imagine what his skill set would be considering that in that particular universe it took Bruce Wayne several years of training to get where he was, plus his dependency on his money and Wayne owned products for innovation. Having him feasibly do all that in just a few years is a little tough to swallow...I know it's based on a comic, but the movies were pretty grounded.

On the other hand having JGL be Batman could work since he's done some action material lately and he's just a pretty good actor in general.

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Im glad this rumor is false. I dont Want Warner bros. to think that he's doing movie goers and comic book fans a favor by milking the Nolan verse

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there's no way that it could have worked anyway....the Batman from Nolan's films could never have hung with the Justice League

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as nightwing , robin, sure but not batman

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Wow all of the pseudo intellectualism in the article does a really good job as hiding the fact that the argument he's making is very weak. Not to say I think Robin Blake will get to be Batman. That's not going to happen, but you only really need mild common sense to come to that conclusion.

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the movie clearly states that anyone can be batman,. it is our own perception of who and who cannot be batman that misleads us.

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I'd actually be fine with JGL playing Batman, as long as it's Bruce Wayne and not "Robin" John Blake :/

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