Joker isn't the only villain coming out to play!?!

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As the epic Death of the Family story arc begins, I can say, after the first issue, this crossover will go down in history as one of the greatest Batman stories ever!

But recently, when I was scanning over all the December solicits. I notice that Death of the Family was introducing many old rouges back into the mainstream comic continuity:

  • Riddler is scheduled to make an appearance in Batman #15, he has only had one cameo since the New 52 kicked off, so I think it will be awesome to see him back again.
  • Poison Ivy may have been a year long Birds of Prey member, but in Detective Comics #14-15, she'll return as a prominent rouge, she's meant to be working with Joker, Penguin and Clayface.
  • Harley Quinn, who has not appeared in a Batman comic, I'm trying to forget some of the awful Suicide Squad issues, till #13 this week. May I add Snyder wrote her fantastically!
  • Clayface, like Riddler, will make his debut in Detective Comics #15 alongside Ivy and Joker

It's good to see so many old faces returning, but their is no doubt that Joker is going to be responsible for at least one death, but I wonder who's? Please comment on who you think should die and who you think will die.

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Scott already said that he'll be doing a Riddler arc after Joker, so it makes since to cameo him.

Am I the only one hoping after the event, Harley becomes an ally of the Bat-family? She seemed really distraught by the Joker. Maybe she'll die.

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I can't see Harley diein', not because I like her that much, but because it's about the death of the (bat-) family, not Joker's allies.

Actually none of the familymembers seems right for me... i mean each and every of them is starring an own comic book series, so except for them wanting to kill of one of the series, none of the members will actually die... or maybe i'm just hoping, because I love the bat-related books so much...

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He's going to need a lot of backup to take down the Bat family.

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@Xanni15: What he lacks in back up, he makes up for in crazy.

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@JonSmith said:

@Xanni15: What he lacks in back up, he makes up for in crazy.

Very true.

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this arc is so top dollar  !

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So Ivy will no longer be a bird?

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What if if joker doesnt kill them, himself but he makes the batfamily all go so crazy that they try to kill each other,and everyone around them and i bet damian will die.

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@wickedfun: I think Ivy wont be in the Birds of Pray and I think Katana is also leaving

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If Damian dies I quit.

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@Funrush said:

Scott already said that he'll be doing a Riddler arc after Joker, so it makes since to cameo him.



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I'm mostly excited to see Riddler. He's severely underused, and I know Snyder will build him up. The best part about Batman is the villains, and Snyder knows how to write them. Can't wait to see what he's got.

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@Saucedo17: Wha?! I'm so upset about this...I really wanted Ivy to become more of an anti-hero. Yet again, it seems there reverting her to her villainous ways. -Sighs-

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@wickedfun:Well find out in the next issu of Detective Comic and Birds of Pray

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