Joker in Death of the Family

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While I have really enjoyed Death of the Family so far, the most annoying thing for me is what seems to be the consensus that the Joker in this storyline is more frightening than ever. I think human beings are naturally flawed in that they always think the newest thing correlates to being the best, but has every forgotten what Joker has done in the past. He beat Jason Todd with a crowbar, he shot Barbara Gordon in her stomach then took naked pictures of her, he poisoned Gotham's water supply. (I enjoy Snyder's dialogue abilities but he really seems to missing the boat as far as Joker's dark sense of humor) So in all this I tried to discover why people think the Joker is scarier in this storyline than ever before. And then I realized why people think that way. It's because through all the lead up, through all the hype, the writers were telling us he was scarier than ever. Harley warns Batman, Dick and Barbara discuss how bad things are going to turn. Despite his actions staying along the concurrent, normal lines of Jokerish insanity, we're being told that the Joker (who, let's be honest, couldn't get much darker) is deadlier, more calculating, and sinister than he has been prior. Thoughts?

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Yeah, Snyder's Joker isn't really scaring me at all. If you want to see scary, try Morrison's Batman, especially Arkham Asylum.

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I also think it has something to do with the art. The Leatherface look is pretty creepy. Also the first page in 15# was erie.

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@MrShway88 said:

I also think it has something to do with the art. The Leatherface look is pretty creepy. Also the first page in 15# was erie.

Agreed. Being completely honest, I don't like the way Capulla draws faces, but he has made the Joker scary to look at.

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The most scary Joker will ever be, the Lunatic thats beaten Todd with a Crowbar.

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snyders batman may scare some hes just creppy not scary

if snyder wants to make him scary he needs to make joker do something insted of but licking batman

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