joker and harley

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are they still together why does harley like joker how did joker make harley crazy.

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Batman Adventures: Mad Love is a good comic about Harley's origin and relationship with Joker.

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nice one selina thanks!0

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Joker tried to kill Harley a few years ago, and she shot him so they're kinda broken up. But Harley is gonna be in the upcoming Joker arc in Batman, so that might change soon.

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If you follow Harley in Suicide Squad, she is clearly still obsessed with the Joker, as she finds his face and puts it on Deadshot before kissing him. After the ordeal, she was supposedly "cured" of her obsession, but that's likely a ploy.

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I hoped she stays cured and ivy stays at being hero. Ivy said herself that she cant help her anymore since she had to kill her own plants to save Harley. Those characters had plenty development and they should go in side of good. Please DC don't reset again.

It took magical springs of the amazons inorder to cure her. I want to know the names of the spa amazons because that is miracle. Seriously that is an achievement for the Amazons they can cured inner demons of someones psyche give them a talk show.

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@moneyshotz: In the current continuum, Harley was already pretty obsessed with Joker before she went crazy. But he dropped her into the same chemicals that turned him into The Joker. He had dropped others into the vat but they had all died. Something about her unique body chemistry and the fact that he didn't leave her in there to long resulted in crazy, permanent white skinned crazy Harley we now have in Suicide Squad,

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